The Rush: There’s trouble in the bubble as anonymous NBA tip line is abuzz with violations

People in the NBA’s Orlando bubble are allegedly calling the anonymous tip line to report colleagues who are violating mask and social distancing protocols designed to stop the spread of COVID-19. In the NFL, Chris Jones and Myles Garrett agree to hefty contract extensions while Cam Newton voices concerns about how he’ll “mesh” with Bill Belichick in New England. Plus, L.A’s 11 pro sports teams have joined forces to form The Alliance: Los Angeles, which aims to fight racial injustice within the city, and create equity within their own organizations and respective sports.

Video Transcript

- Here's the Tacko, the Tacko fellow!

- Get a bike. Come on, bro.

- Look at that. The Tacko fellow!

JARED QUAY: Man, the NBA Bubble Life is still looking pretty dope-- JaVale and Kuzma watersliding. Spider's crushing the ping pong tables. And Meyers Leonard is doing whatever the hell this is. But it ain't no fun and game when people are getting outed for breaking the bubble rules. Shams Charania reports the anonymous tip line, used for people violating mask and social distancing protocols, has been buzzing.

- You don't say?

JARED QUAY: I'll let you in on a secret-- I think I know who's been telling everybody.


What's left of the Brooklyn Nets' roster is out here playing Jack and Rose.


(SINGING) Wherever you--

That ain't socially distant! The Celtics are on the golf course without a mask in sight. That ain't right! Y'all, please follow the rules so I can watch sports.

- Sports, sports, sports, sports.

JARED QUAY: And you can make the money.

- Make money, money, make money, money, money.

JARED QUAY: Gotta play the games to deposit them checks. In the NFL, a few bank accounts got noticeably bigger yesterday. Chiefs defensive tackle Chris Jones and Browns helmet slinger Myles Garrett reportedly agreed to huge contracts yesterday.

- Oh really?

JARED QUAY: They're definitely in a better spot than Cam Newton, though. The one-year deal with the Patriots he signed, base salary is worth a measly--

- $1 million.

JARED QUAY: Crazy thing is Cam's not even concerned about that.

CAM NEWTON: But how is me and Belichick gonna mesh, you know what I'm saying?

JARED QUAY: Oh, yeah. We definitely know what you're saying.

CAM NEWTON: Because it's like perception.

- Yeah.

ODELL BECKHAM JR.: But I think his perception ability is not [? dead. ?]

JARED QUAY: Odell is right on point, man. I had Belichick all wrong until yesterday when the internet spied on him and revealed this amazing Forrest Gump impression. My man got jokes.

Oh, OK, he was doing that for a Subway commercial. OK, I knew Belichick was up to something. He probably made more money than Cam for that, too.

- There's no justice in the world.

JARED QUAY: Justice is about to be served in Los Angeles. All of LA's 11 pro sports teams have come together to start an organization to fight racial injustice within the city and to create equity within their own team. It's called the Alliance Los Angeles. And it looked pretty bad-ass.

They doing their own Avengers reboot because you know with Hollywood after all. I can see it now-- look, they're gonna have Kawhi as Doctor Strange, you gonna have LeBron as Captain America, and you gonna have Aaron Donald as the Hulk. Because Aaron Donald is big, but he could move. That's the crazy thing.

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