The Rush: Tom Brady has a senior moment in Bucs’ 20-19 loss to Bears

The Chicago Bears defeated the Tampa Bay Buccaneers on Thursday Night as Tom Brady had a senior moment on failed comeback drive, there are plenty of NFL scheduling changes due to COVID-19 including a game moving to Tuesday night, the Atlanta Braves and Los Angeles Dodgers will meet in the NLCS after clinching their series, the Houston Astros are moving on to the ALCS after finishing off the Oakland Athletics, the New York Yankees forced Game 5 against the Tampa Bay Rays, and the Los Angeles Lakers will don the Black Mamba uniforms as they try to finish off the Miami Heat tonight for their 17th NBA Championship.

Video Transcript

- Foles end zone! What a catch! Graham, touch down!

JARED QUAY: The starting quarterback for Super Bowl LII squared off again, this time on a completely different teams as Tom Brady's Buccaneers took on Nick Foles' Chicago Bears. A just like that Super Bowl, Foles got the best of Brady as the Bears down the Bucks 20-19.

And this one was a doozy with five lead changes, penalties galore, and some gritty defense on both sides. But the most surprising part is it looks like old age might finally be catching up to Tom Brady.

- Getting old sucks. Don't let anybody tell you any different.

JARED QUAY: On the last play of the game, Brady seemed to think he had another down left to try to mount a comeback. But obviously, he didn't realize it was fourth down. But the time obviously comes for us all. Don't be mad, Tom. You've got like five your past most.

Plenty of things happen off the field and on the calendar for the NFL after multiple COVID-19 outbreaks. Sundays Broncos-Panthers game has been moved to Monday at 5:00 PM Eastern. The Bills-Titans game moves from Sunday to Tuesday at 7:00 PM Eastern. If the Bills-Titans game actually gets played Tuesday, that will push back the Chiefs-Bills game, which was scheduled for Thursday to later in the weekend.

What you mean no Thursday Night Football next week? Of course, this is all depending on there being no more positive tests.

- My head hurts.

JARED QUAY: I mean, man, the NFL is really playing a losing game of Tetris trying to make these schedules fit. Let's just hope we don't hear about any more unsanctioned practices happening at the high schools. For the sake of the season, please.

Now let's switch gears to the MLB postseason. The Atlanta Braves finished a sweep of the Miami Marlins yesterday, winning 7-0 to make their first appearance to the NLCS since 2001. Damn, Atlanta, it's been a long time. Not only did the Marlins not win a game, but they were outscored 18 to five through the series. And put up a big, fat 0 in the run column in the last two games. That ain't how postseason supposed to work, bra.

- --is over, and he makes the catch! And for the first time 19 years, the Atlanta Braves have punched their ticket to the National League Championship Series.

JARED QUAY: And the Houston Trashtros punched their ticket to the fourth straight ALCS after beating the A's 11 to 6. In those four games, Houston scored 33 runs and hit 12 home runs, which makes it scary to think about what they might be hitting if they were still using trash cans.

The Yankees survived and forced a pivotal Game 5 against the Tampa Bay Rays after winning 5-1 after some stellar pitching from the mound. You were this close, Rays. And finally, the Dodgers did this must be done and swept away the Padres. They'll be facing a tall task as they take on the Atlanta Braves next round. But this is just LA's year, I can feel it.

And speaking of LA, tonight, the Los Angeles Lakers will try to finish off the Heat for their 17th ever NBA Championship. And they'll be doing it in their signature Black Mamba jerseys, which is fitting, because this will be the Lakers first championship since Kobe won it in 2010. Let's go, Lakers! We need this! Let's do it for Kobe. Don't you lose in that Kobe jersey. Don't you lose in that Kobe jersey. Plus, we need a virtual parade in LA. I don't care if I need to be on a Zoom call with 50 billion people.