The Rush: Tom Brady knows how Dak can make money even if Cowboys won’t pay him

Dak Prescott’s never-ending contract negotiations with the Cowboys continue as rumors swirl, ESPN is producing a nine-part documentary on Tom Brady who has spent the pandemic selling “immunity boosting” pills while Chad Ochocino left a $1000 tip, the Cleveland Indians Twitter handle admitted hiding pictures of Nicholas Cage in their lineup cards last year, and find out how Giancarlo Stanton, Russell Wilson and more of your favorite athletes are passing the time while quarantines in The ‘Rona Diaries. PLUS: Serena Williams’ daughter Olympia redefines “puff-puff pass,” Derek Jeter may or may not own a zebra print chair, and join us for a round of Find Jared in Jared!

Video Transcript


JARED QUAY: Happy national sports fan appreciation day, y'all.


JARED QUAY: You're right, Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson. It's not today. In fact, is not any day because it does not exist.

- Make it happen.

JARED QUAY: I'm trying! It's what I'm doing right now.

- OK. All right, fine. Everyone calm down.

JARED QUAY: I am calm. I just want to thank all the sports fans out there who kept their heads in the game even when there aren't any games.

- The virus doesn't discriminate.

JARED QUAY: And that's why all our athletes are now just like us-- stuck at home, posting selfies, and checking TikTok. Here's to you, the fan and our favorite athletes together stuck at home in the rona diaries.



- Woo! [LAUGHS] You did it!


STEPH CURRY: Oh, that was it! That was it!