The Rush: Titans DB Adoree’ Jackson on empty stadiums, tackling Derrick Henry and more

Titans DB Adoree’ Jackson Skypes in from a socially responsible distance to co-host The Rush. He and Jared discuss playing NFL games without fans, if Jackson plays with a chip on his shoulder, if he’s ever had to tackle Derrick Henry, and what was going on in coach Mike Vrabel’s draft room (aka his house). PLUS: Adoree’ Jackson can’t grow a quarantine beard so with the magic of editing, we put some famous beards on him and had Adoree’ pick his favorite.

Video Transcript


JARED QUAY: Oh, snap. It's Tennessee Titans corner Adoree' Jackson. Adoree', what's good?

ADOREE' JACKSON: What's up, baby? How you doing?

JARED QUAY: Nothing much, man. Just quarantined up. How quarantine treating you?

ADOREE' JACKSON: Treating me the same way. Just out here trying to maintain it and keep pushing.

- Damn skippy.

JARED QUAY: Well, look. There's a lot going on in the sports world, so I want you to help me with the headlines. You got me, bro?

ADOREE' JACKSON: Got you. I'mma try to-- I'mma try to get that for you.

- "Helping with Headlines."

JARED QUAY: I know the NFL is thinking about coming back. Do you think it's going to change a lot if there's not fans in the stadium? Doesn't the crowd, like, energize you? Like, you're the second highest forced incompletion percentage over the last decade. Do fans help with that?

ADOREE' JACKSON: Yeah. When we-- when we're in the end zone and get backed up, we get to see-- I mean, Wesley Woodyard used to always pump the crowd up, make 'em get crazy. That was always good to hear, fans in the stadium. So it's gonna be-- it's gonna be sad, you know, not to have the fans there. But at the same time, we're just gonna try to make it rock a little bit louder so we can hear 'em at home in the stadium

JARED QUAY: You were named to PFF's Top 25 players Under 25, but some may feel like you've been overlooked. Do you play with a chip on your shoulder?

ADOREE' JACKSON: I not try to get too low or too high about anything. I know it's a whole process, it's a journey, and I can't look at others' success or look at something in the past or in the future. I just gotta stay present in the a moment. And that's what I try to do.

JARED QUAY: Have you tackled Derrick Henry in practice?

ADOREE' JACKSON: No. We don't-- no, we stay away from him.


No. When I see him, I said that's a big boy. Every time I see him when he run, I'm like, man, I feel sorry for everybody else that gotta tackle him. Luckily, coach let me go out there, touch the thigh, you know, act like I'm doing a nice tackle. But I get out the way.

- Phew.

JARED QUAY: Your head coach, Mike Vrabel, set the draft ablaze. I don't know if you saw his setup for the draft, but it looked like it was a party or something going on from a music video. What was happening there?

ADOREE' JACKSON: That's just Vrab doing what he does-- trying to bring life to what's going on and enjoying the moment. You see his son was in there, and somebody-- I thought it was the Frozone super suit. I thought that's what it was. But it-- it was [INAUDIBLE]. When I seen it-- I seen it all on the Titans page-- I was laughing, man.

JARED QUAY: But on the outside, it looks like he's such a serious coach, you know. He's under Bill Belichick and whatnot. Is he fun for the players? Is he a fun coach?

ADOREE' JACKSON: Yeah, he's both. Like, he's serious, but then he can crack his jokes. He got-- he got both sides to him, and I think that's what balances it out. You know, when it's time to joke, we can joke. But when it's serious, we know to buckle up and get ready to go.

JARED QUAY: The Tennessee Titans president slash CEO Steve Underwood retired last week, and this is his ridiculous facial hair. A video just been released of Ben Roethlisberger throwing his guys with a massive beard. Whose beard is better right now, Steve or Big Ben?

ADOREE' JACKSON: Oh, I gotta go with Steve, right. You know, you see him say something like the Monopoly Man. He got that nice little facial hair going on. And you know, he keep it clean, so I'mma rock with him.

JARED QUAY: We had our editors Photoshop--


JARED QUAY: --you a couple of facial hair. So tell me what you think about these ones, all right? We got you with the Underwood, we got you with the Big Ben--


JARED QUAY: --and last, we got you with the Beard. We got you with the Harden.


JARED QUAY: Which one--

ADOREE' JACKSON: I'mma have to go with James Harden. As a basketball fan-- that was my first love-- I'mma have to go with the Beard. 'Cause if I could grow one, I would get one. But as you see, I don't have no facial hair. So I'm just, you know, rocking until I can get it.

JARED QUAY: I feel like it'd make your head too big, but that's just me.


ADOREE' JACKSON: I feel it. I feel it.