The Rush: Sports stars speak out on social justice, and show displays of unity after attack on U.S. Capitol

In the wake of an unprecedented insurgent attack on the U.S. Capitol, sports stars are voicing their opinions on the chaos that continues to wreak havoc on the nation. 76ers head coach Doc Rivers pointed out the disparity in law enforcement’s response to the insurgents versus social justice protesters in the summer of 2020 and Warriors head coach Steve Kerr credited WNBA players for impacting the results of the senate races in Georgia. PLUS: Athletes took to social media to express their views on the insurrection and NBA teams let their actions speak for them on the court.

Video Transcript

DOC RIVERS: It's pretty disturbing, obviously, sad. But what it's not is I keep hearing, like, this attack on democracy. It's not. Democracy will prevail. It always does.


JARED QUAY: That was my president and 76ers Head Coach Doc Rivers, keeping calm after domestic terrorists attacked the US Capitol in attempt to overthrow a rightful election of Joe Biden and Kamala Harris. There was a lot to be upset about, including one glaring double standard that stood out to Doc.

DOC RIVERS: Could you imagine today if those were all Black people storming the Capitol and what would have happened?

JARED QUAY: About the only thing yesterday's insurrection had in common with the uprising for social justice over the summer was the implementation of curfews in DC. And that directly impacted the sports world because George Washington's basketball game against UMass had to be postponed.

Now all the games on the NBA slate were played, but social justice and democracy was definitely on the players' minds. We saw some moving displays of unity like this.

- This was just moments ago during the national anthem. As the Suns and Raptors players and staff all came out and linked arms in a show of solidarity.

JARED QUAY: And this.

- --veteran defender, been in the league a long time. The Pistons hope--

- Well, off the opening tip, the teams both take a knee.

JARED QUAY: The Celtics and Heat, who released a joint statement, decided to play after having a players-only meeting before the game.

- In response to the world's greatest symbol of self government being ransacked today, all took a knee.

JARED QUAY: All the mayhem at the US Capitol went down on the same day that two Georgia Senate races were called. And if you're wondering, what's that have to do with sports, well, here's Professor Steve Kerr with a little history lesson.

STEVE KERR: I think the WNBA players are going to go down in history for their leadership in helping Raphael Warnock get elected by exposing some of Kelly Loeffler's misdeeds.

JARED QUAY: In 2020, athletes said they ain't here to shut up and dribble. And 2021 is proving to be a little bit more of that. So we'll leave you today with some of our favorite athletes in their own words.