The Rush: Shaq invokes Kobe, preaches unity to Saints after Brees comments

Mikey Williams, one of the top high school basketball players in the country, is considering going to an HBCU, during a Saints team meeting, guest speaker Shaquille O’Neal cited his broken relationship with Kobe Bryant while encouraging the team to stick together, and not everyone in the NFL has accepted Brees’ change of heart as Eagles tackle Malik Jackson eagerly awaits a chance to face him on the field. PLUS: It’s the 500th episode of The Rush! Jared celebrates by acknowledging the past and toasting to the future with everyone who makes the show possible.

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- How many episodes?

- Five.

- 14.

- OK, 23.

- 24.

- 180.

- 250.

- 370.

- 420.

- 500.

- 500.

- Happy 500th episode.


JARED QUAY: It's been 500 episodes. And yo, a lot can change in two years. In June of 2018, LeBron was still in Cleveland looking at JR Smith like this. The Houston Astros are world champs. But we didn't know why. And Johnny Manziel was playing football in the CFL. But most importantly, this happened.

I'm Jared Quay. And welcome to "The Rush", a new show from Yahoo Sports that's always on point.

That handsome dude right there hosted the first ever episode of "The Rush." But now, look at me. I mean, sure, the audio ain't as great. And life is a little off. And you don't see all the cool special effects cause they ain't no green screen. And my hair cut maybe a little different, but you know, quarantine. But we're still here.

500 episodes is a lot. And at the rate things are changing, who knows what the sports world is going to look like when we hit 1,000? The protests after the death of George Floyd are changing everything, including college basketball.

Mikey Williams, one of the top high school players in the country, tweeted out this last week. Woo, I would love it. I think you should do it.

When one of the best players in the country is talking about balling out for a historically black college, that is huge news. And NCAA, you better listen, which is exactly what the New Orleans Saints did this weekend.

Everyone's had an opinion about Drew Brees's kneeling comments, including Shaquille O'Neal.

- Shaq!

JARED QUAY: Apparently, the big man was in the Saints meeting and warned the team against being divided the same way him and Kobe were. Of course, not everyone's as forgiving as "Big Diesel."

- For him to say that, lost a lot of respect. Definitely excited playing the in a year. You know, I'm gonna have a lot to say. And-- and-- and you know, hopefully, I don't get too wild with it.

JARED QUAY: That was Eagles defensive tackle, Malik Jackson, which means you should probably circle December 13 because things are gonna get interesting. But if you miss it, you can always watch "The Rush" the next day to see what happened cause I ain't gonna let you down. I'm gonna tell you exactly what happened and how it happened.

And if my math is right, I think that will be our 636th episode. See, I know you guys think it's just me doing this. And it's not. It's a lot of people that help me. And I'm talking about I need them.

I'm talking about Jackie Pepper, Julian, Kurdi, Wes, Alex, O'Connor, Matt Gothard, Chris, Kendall, P. Money, just-- there's a bunch of us of guys, a family. Auntie Kim, I know you watching the show. I couldn't do this without you. Episode 636, all y'all gonna be there. Episode 1,000, the whole world will have peace.

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