The Rush: Pac-12 owns the Elite 8 and the NFL adds a regular season game

The Pac-12 makes a statement by sending three surprise teams to the Elite 8. In the NBA, Andre Drummond has moved on from the Cavs and gets a shot at a title with the Lakers. Meanwhile, the NFL has finally approved a 17-game regular season, much to the delight of fans, but perhaps not the players.

Video Transcript

JAIME JACQUEZ JR: We're going to the Elite Eight.


- We're going to the Elite Eight. I'm so proud of you.

- Great battle and it's respect to the Pac-12 that two great schools are going at it. It was a competitive battle. I'm glad we won. On to the Elite Eight. Fight on, baby.


JARED QUAY: The Sweet 16 is in the books and the city of LA is showing out big time in the Elite Eight. Let's get into some of the most entertaining March Madness match-ups from the weekend with a little help from Paramount Plus. Yo, let's put some respect on Bill Walton's name. Not only was he high on the Pac-12, but he might have also been just a little high.


Either way, his alma mater is on the way to the Elite Eight. UCLA took out Alabama in a overtime nail biter that was the game of the tournament this far. Down three with four seconds left, Bama sends it to an extra frame with this shot here.


Woo hoo. That's March Madness. But the Bruins scored the first seven points in overtime and never looked back. Plus, Bama sabotaged itself by shooting just 44% from the free throw line. Yikes. UCLA is just the second team to go from the First Four to the Elite Eight.

JAIME JACQUEZ JR: Hey Ma, we're going to the Elite Eight.

JARED QUAY: Rivals USC and UCLA have never made it to the Elite Eight in the same season until now. The Trojans outgunned Oregon, shooting 10 of 17 behind the arc and nearly 60% from the floor. USC makes it back to the Elite Eight for the first time since 2001 when they were led by NBA great Brian Scalabrine. These teams are climbing the peak. Next stop, the Elite Eight. UCLA will try for another upset as they take off number 1-seed Michigan for a spot in the Final Four. And 6-seed USC will try to knock off 1-seed Gonzaga to keep the Pac-12 train rolling. Bring on David versus Goliath squared on Tuesday.

On to the pro game, where Decision 2021: the Ballad of Andre Drummond has captivated the entire league for a few days. After clearing waivers yesterday, he was able to sign with the Lakers for low-low price of under $1 million.


(SINGING) Low, low, low, low, low.

Don't worry, my guy already pocketed $29 mil from the Cavs, so he's good. Yo, the Lakers roster is now deeper than Confucius on psychedelics and they can potentially give us the All-Star Game Finals match-up we've all been looking for.

In the NFL, we're finally getting the 17th game that all the fans wanted and none of the players did.

- This sucks.

JARED QUAY: Roger Goodell was so excited, he tweeted out, "Lol. Suckers! #moregreenfrom17." Just kidding. But Alvin Kamara did actually tweeted this. Look, the new collective bargaining agreement is not all bad for the players. They get a slightly bigger piece of the revenue pie and minimum salaries will salary increase. More importantly, though, there will be less testing for marijuana and a much higher threshold for positivity, to which Josh Gordon tweeted, "WTH." And Ricky Williams tweeted, "cool, man." OK, those aren't real either. But you know that's what they were thinking. And then, of course, there was also Kirk Cousins who says he doesn't want to play in the league where players are not getting tested every day for marijuana but will play in a league where they don't get tested for COVID.