The Rush: LeBron James wins fourth ring as Lakers bring Championship back to L.A.

Get your popcorn ready as Jared takes you through what might be the wildest day in sports history. Sunday saw LeBron James and the Lakers beat the Heat for the NBA Championship, Rafael Nadal win a record-tying 20th men’s grand slam singles title with a victory in Paris, the Rays beat the Astros in Game 1 of the ALCS and both ends of the NFL injury spectrum as Alex Smith made an improbable return to the gridiron in Washington while Dak Prescott suffered a gruesome ankle injury in Dallas. Plus, Jared shows you his favorite plays on the football field from Week 5.

Video Transcript

- This historic 2020 NBA championship belongs to the Los Angeles Lakers. The Lakers conquer the bubble, and banner number 17 will soon hang in the rafters.

JARED QUAY: I didn't think it was possible, but I am actually sports hungover from yesterday's Sunday sports spectacular. There you go. LeBron James won his fourth NBA title with his third team last night as the Lakers beat the heat in six games. And they didn't just beat Miami. They whooped their ass.

The Lakers were up by 36 points at one point, and they never took their foot off the gas. Five Lakers scored in double figures, including LeBron James who logged his 11th career triple-double in the Finals. And he won Finals MVP. And even The Brow got a little emotional after winning his first ever championship.

You know who's mad about all of this? Salty-ass Boston fans. The Lakers are now equal with the Celtics at 17 championships apiece. Ain't no East Coast supremacy now, Bostonians. And you just know Kobe Bryant's up there fist bumping and Mamba styling because he's happy for you. Congrats, Lake-show.

Every game in the NFL with pretty much dope, but the biggest stories came from opposite ends of the injury spectrum. Dak Prescott went out with a pretty gruesome ankle injury in the third quarter of the Cowboys game against the Giants. Not only was he on a record breaking pace this year, but the Cowboys QB was playing this year on the franchise tag with no contract extension.

- That ain't right!

JARED QUAY: But on a positive side, the Cowboys did get the win after Andy Dalton lead a game-winning drive. He got the Cowboys their second win of the season. Dak reportedly had surgery last night, so everyone here at "The Rush" is wishing him a speedy recovery. And we still hope he gets paid. I'm looking at you, Jerry Jones. We're going to stay all up in our feelings for just another minute.

- But why?

JARED QUAY: 17 surgeries and 693 days after a leg injury that almost cost a man his leg, Alex Smith returned under center this week.

- Huh, I never thought I'd see the day.

JARED QUAY: Here's Alex's family reacting after he entered the game after starter, Kyle Allen, went out with a nasty helmet to helmet. They watched him get the win? Hell, no. I mean, they're a really bad team. But if there ever was an excuse to believe in moral victories, Alex Smith playing in the NFL again definitely is one.

We got more from the NFL in a minute. But first, we got to get back to title town. Rafael Nadal won his 13th French Open Championship after beating one seed, Novak Djokovic, in straight sets. Rafa joins fellow tennis legend Roger Federer with 20 men's Grand Slam singles title. My girl, Serena, got 23, so they do have some catching up to do. But still, 20 is damn impressive.

In other impressive news, the Rays beat the cheating-ass Astros in game 1 of the ALCS.

- And it is gone!

JARED QUAY: Ain't going to be no trash can bagging this time. I can't get over the cheating, y'all. I can't get over the cheating. All right, let's get back to football for a second. There's so much good stuff happening on the football field, I'm going to have to show you my favorite plays.

- Here's Claypool. As Roethlisberger throws, Claypool makes the catch! His fourth touchdown today!

- Murray looking deep down the sideline for DeAndre Hopkins again! Hopkins hangs on!

- --different story here against Washington. Kyle Allen is taken down. Mr. Allen, meet Mr. Aaron Donald. Maybe you've heard of him.

- Play action for Mayfield. Off the seam, and it is caught! An impossible catch by Beckham.

- Third and 10. Carr step. Deep ball upstairs. Oh, it's Henry Ruggs!

- Wilson surveys, fires, and it is going to be caught by DK Metcalf for a touchdown!

- --got just tested.

- Oh, but the Cowboys with a little trickery. Wilson throwing back to Prescott, and it works! What a play for the touchdown!