The Rush: LeBron James makes big reveal while quarantined

LeBron James went full Hollywood by revealing the logo for Space Jam: A New Legacy, NASCAR is planning to hold seven races over 11 days in May, the Cowboys gave Michael Irvin’s number to CeeDee Lamb, Andy Dalton was released by the Cincinnati Bengals, Patrick Mahomes’ 5th-year option was picked up by the Kansas City Chiefs and Brett Favre weighed in on the drama between Aaron Rodgers and Green Bay, but does the Hall of Famer have an ulterior motive? PLUS RJ Barrett takes his dog to the rim, Bryce Harper gets quarantine swole, Alvin Kamara finds his footing, AND MORE in today’s installment of The Rona Diaries.

Video Transcript

BRITNEY SPEARS: Hi, guys. I'm in my gym right now. I haven't been in here for, like, six months because I burnt my gym down, unfortunately. I had two candles, and, yeah, one thing led to another, and I burned it down.

JARED QUAY: That's one way to spend quarantine. Later we'll see how a few other celebrities are faring. Spoiler alert-- not much better than Britney. But first we're going to play a round of--

Baseball, basketball, hockey are all suspended, but with 7 races scheduled over 11 days, NASCAR is back in May.

- You surprised?

JARED QUAY: No. It's just driving. You ain't got no passengers. You can socially distance, and you safe from the rona. Let's get it going.

- Shake and bake.

JARED QUAY: Michael Irvin and Dez Bryant both wore 88 with the Dallas Cowboys, and Jerry Jones has now given it to first-round pick CeeDee Lamb?

- Surprised?

JARED QUAY: Hell No. Look at them quick hands. Give him whatever number he wants.

LeBron James released the logo for "Space Jam-- A New Legacy."

- Surprised?

JARED QUAY: Hell yeah. I thought it would look different. It looks exactly like the old one. The King also accidentally posted the video backwards on IG.

- Surprised?

JARED QUAY: No. LeBron pretty old on the internet for some reason. He just learned of Myspace.

After drafting quarterback Joe Burrow, the Cincinnati Bengals have released nine-year veteran Andy Dalton.

- Surprised?

JARED QUAY: [LAUGHS] No. The fact that it took them nine years, now that's kind of surprising.

The Chiefs picked up Patrick Mahomes' fifth-year option.

- Surprised?


Meanwhile, Brett Favre thinks it's over for Aaron Rodgers in Green Bay?

- Surprised?

JARED QUAY: Hell no. Favre is probably trying to push Rodgers out of Green Bay so he can make a comeback. See, Brett Favre don't know how to let it go. He still want to play. Brett, you're too old.

Look, I know what you want. You sick of me. Hell, I'm sick of me. You want your favorite athletes in quarantine, and guess what? You going to get them because it's The Rona Diaries.



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