The Rush: Lakers wilt during Dame Time despite LeBron’s triple bubble

Damian Lillard led the Trail Blazers over the Lakers 100-93 despite LeBron James’ triple bubble, the Rockets dropped the Thunder 123-108 after learning Russel Westbrook may miss the whole series, the Orlando Magic handed a 122-110 loss to the top seeded Milwauke Bucks, and amateur barista Jimmy Butler led the Miami Heat to a 113-101 win over the Indiana Pacers. PLUS: The new Space Jam jerseys are loud, a folding chair may need to sue Brook Lopez, and in the bubble, is there such a thing as too many sneakers?

Video Transcript


- Dame. From deep waters, Damian Lillard. It's Adult Swim, folks.

JARED QUAY: That right there was the turning point of game 1. LeBron gets stuck, and then Dame hits a shot from so far back that it probably should be worth five or six points. Portland never trailed again, and the eighth seeded Blazers beat the Lakers in game 1. LeBron, though, he did his part on and off the court.

He dropped the new "Space Jam" jersey. And yeah, it's ugly as hell, but it's still cool. He paid tribute to Nipsey Hussle, wearing some dope-ass Crenshaws in the bubble and then matched a playoffs first triple-bubble.

- LeBron with a finish. Whew.

JARED QUAY: But it didn't matter because in the fourth, we all know what time it was.

- --and in.

- Come on.

- Damian Lillard. That's right, Dame time says Nurkic.

JARED QUAY: Rockets Head Coach Mike D'Antoni finally admitted that Russell Westbrook's quad might keep him out of the whole series. And yesterday a team did miss him and bad, but it wasn't the Rockets. That's because they laid the smack down on Russell's old squad, beating the Thunder in game 1.

- Harden, again, breaking them down.

JARED QUAY: James Harden had 37 points.

- Harden got it.

JARED QUAY: Gallinari had 29 points in a losing effort for OKC. And PJ Tucker lead all players in the bubble in fresh kicks.

- There they are.

JARED QUAY: Whatcha doing, PJ? Now everybody knows you're only supposed to wear flip-flops in the bubble, man. How much did you pay to check all them shoes, man? You kept them in the box. Keep it casual in the bubble, bro. And actually, there was a sneaker head in the Heat, Pacers game too.

Victor Oladipo started the game is some goofy Jordan 10s but ended up in the hospital after getting poked in the eye. It took the whole break for my man to get healthy too, man. I hope he's all right. Prayers up.

Without him, the Pacers fell to the lower seeded Heat. For Miami, Jimmy Buckets ran a clinic on the court after running a coffee shop from his room.

- Butler! JARED QUAY: He led all scorers with 28, including 10 points in a decisive fourth. It was a good day for Miami, but another Florida team had an even better one. Outside the bubble, the Bucks own the Magic, 4 and 0, winning each one by an average of 17 points. But yesterday, the Magic reminded everyone that these playoffs are in the Magic Kingdom.

- Say good night, Tinker Bell.

JARED QUAY: They beat the best record in the NBA Bucks 122 to 110. For Milwaukee, the Greek Freak had 31 points and 17 boards. But pretty much everything else went wrong. Kyle Korver got his nose busted, and Brook Lopez got too caught up in the Bucks wrestling warm-up by curb stopping this innocent folding chair.

Yo, what'd that folding chair do to you, Brook? Chill. Man, for some reason just dumping the ball to Giannis ain't working in the bubble. They're 3 and 6 in the restart. It's like their talent just magically got taken away. Kind of like "Space Jam," which means there's only one thing they can do for game 2.