The Rush: Lakers to face Heat in NBA Finals, Falcons set fire to the scoreboard... again

The first-ever bubblized NBA Finals gets underway on Wednesday as the Lakers take on LeBron James’ former squad, the Heat. Plus, the third Sunday of the NFL season offered up historic wins and fascinating losses. Russell Wilson and Aaron Rodgers continued to light up the scoreboard while the Falcons lit the scoreboard on fire for the second consecutive w

Video Transcript

- Now Robinson. Robinson for 3-- bang! Duncan Robinson from downtown and the lead is 15!

JARED QUAY: The NBA Finals are set. After toasting the Celtics in six games, the Miami Heat take on the Los Angeles Lakers in what's probably the craziest shift in NBA history. For the third time in 36 years, a fifth seed or lower is playing in the NBA Finals.

- That's impressive.

JARED QUAY: I mean, this is a team that everyone thought would suck for at least a decade when LeBron left. But now they're back and about to face The King. And I wouldn't count Miami out. They've been the underdog in every series and found a way to win, but their next opponent might be the toughest one yet.

And look, I get it. The Heat must be thrilled to be in the finals, but LeBron's been there like, a hundred times. I mean, it's just another Wednesday to him.

On to the NFL, there was some fantastic plays in the NFL yesterday. And take a look at a couple of my favorites.


Winning is great and all, but a few teams caught some big L's on Sunday. I'm talking about big L's. For the second weekend in a row, the Falcons entered the fourth quarter with a double digit lead and then totally forgot how to play football.

- Look at it. It's intercepted!

JARED QUAY: I mean, 28 and 3 might as well be painted on the field at this point. Last week, it was the Cowboys led by Dak Prescott that did them in.

- That's my quarterback.

JARED QUAY: This week, it was the Bears. But not your regular Bears-- not your Mitchell Trubisky throwing interceptions Bears-- the Nick Foles-led Bears. The Philly special, himself, came in, in the fourth quarter and did his damn thing.

- The pass is caught in the end zone for a touchdown! The Chicago Bears take lead!

JARED QUAY: Three touchdowns in one quarter? He might be worth that money. The 2020 Atlanta Falcons have proven to be good at one thing-- being horrible.

For the first time this season, neither the Bengals or the Eagles lost. But they didn't win either because the game ended in a tie. And I'm sorry, Eagle fans. But tying with the Bengals is practically a loss.

- You're right.

JARED QUAY: The Browns versus Washington game wasn't good, but it did make history. For the first time ever, we had two women coaching on opposite sides and a lady referee in the game. But why's it got to be this game? The Browns and Washington football team?

Nah, nah. We need lady referees for the Chiefs and Ravens tomorrow. Now, that's going to be a good game. We need more women coaches to be on good teams, all right? Come on, Bill Belichick. Ball's in your court.