The Rush: Iowa freshman dominates the Tourney, NFL prospects tear up Pro Day

An Iowa freshman drops 35 points in the NCAA Tournament, two NFL prospects improve their draft stock with some impressive Pro Days and two incredible soccer plays that you’ll have to see to believe.

Video Transcript


JARED QUAY: The women's tournament took center stage on Tuesday and one Iowa freshman did not disappoint. Iowa's Caitlin Clark dropped 35 points on Kentucky. 24 of them in the first half outscoring the Wildcats whole team by herself.

- Sick, man. Sick.

JARED QUAY: Caitlin must still be mad at that weight room the NCAA dropped on them. Yo, they got better weight setups in prison yards. Iowa's just a five seed, but with more games like this from their freshman phenom, the tourney better take notice.

Another stud from the Big Ten absolutely showed out at his NFL pro day at Purdue. Wide receiver Rondale Moore surpassed beast mode and went full freak mode. I think that's a step up, right? Moore a blazing 4.29 40 and then jumped out of the gym with that crazy 42 and 1/2 inch vertical. Dude is only 5' 7", 180 pounds and let's not forget he squatted 600 pounds as a true freshman for the Boilermakers.

CARDI B: (SINGING) I said a certified freak--

JARED QUAY: Another prospect Alabama quarterback Mac Jones had his pro day today. And even though a lot of folks were thinking about him like this, Mack decided to flip the script. He said, oh, y'all thought I was like Eli Manning. Oh, no, no, no, no. Jones flashed a little bit of athleticism running a 4.68 40 and vertically jumping 32 inches.


JARED QUAY: That times faster than Baker Mayfield, Pat Mahomes, Josh Allen, and Sam Darnold. We all know another guy that didn't necessarily look like Dwayne The Rock Johnson at his combine. And somehow he became the GOAT.

- Ah, yes. The goat.

JARED QUAY: Staying in Tuscaloosa--

- Alabama!

JARED QUAY: -but switching from football to futball. Bama freshman Tanna Sanchez-Carreto dropped one of the best goals you'll see all year at any level ripping a bicycle kick into the upper corner. She also plays for Mexico's under 20 national team and is a full on badass.

Finally, when a goalie in the Vietnamese league did this, the ref rewarded the opposing team with a penalty kick. But when the goalie saved the PK, he showed off the ref doing a full out, knee slide, Bruce Springsteen, type thing. Turns out the team apologized and suspended him for two games for his actions.

Two games for that? Yo, man, I've seen worse. Let's be honest. Kyrie sits out two games just because the weather is wrong. It's one thing if you did a full out backflip and moonwalk with cleats on. And then I'd be like, yo, you probably need to take a rest, because you cool as hell, and you don't need to do nothing for the next few days.