The Rush: Half of the Final Four has been decided, Nike drops a shoe lawsuit

Houston and Baylor make it the first time two Texas teams reach the Final Four, Paige Buckets leads the UCONN women past Baylor to face the Arizona Wildcats and Nike has a big drop, but this time it’s a lawsuit.

Video Transcript

- We did it. On the phone. What did it say? What did it say? Talk to me. On the [? phone, ?] baby!





JARED QUAY CAMPBELL: We know half of the Final Four in both the men's and women's bracket.

Houston is back in the Final Four for the first time since 1984 after taking out a scrappy Oregon State squad. The Cougars were up 17 points at half, but the Beavers fought back to tie it with just 4 minutes left. OSU wasn't able to take the lead and Houston closed it out despite shooting only 32% from the field.

Baylor's made its first Final Four since 1950. And it's also the first time two teams from Texas have made it this far in the same season. In fact, if UCLA and USC can pull off upsets today, we could have a Texas versus Cali showdown. And you know one taken, baby.


- California.

JARED QUAY CAMPBELL: Baylor's women's team also had a chance to make the Final Four and then Paige Becker showed up. Down 10 late in the third, UConn went on a 19-0 run led by Bueckers who had 28 points.



JARED QUAY CAMPBELL: The Huskies held off a late charge and got some help from the ref with a late no-foul call and won the game by just 2 points.

- Nasty.

JARED QUAY CAMPBELL: Good luck to the Arizona Wildcats who will face UConn and Bueckers in their first ever Final Four pairing.

Paige Bueckers is a star on the court and on the Gram. She has the most social media followers of any college female hooper. In fact, it's estimated that she can make almost a half a million dollars if the NCAA would just let her. The NCAA it's always a wet blanket. #freepage!

Speaking of money, Nike has decided to sue designer Mischief over his Satan shoe collaboration with Lil Nas X. The shoe's, based off Nike Air Max 97, reportedly contain a drop of human blood in the soles.

- Ew! Ew!

- Only 666 shoes are made and they dropped yesterday for a small price of $1,018. Here's the thing, Mischief dropped a similar Jesus shoe in 2019 and didn't get any of the holier-than-thou lawsuits from Nike.

Look, if Nike is going to make it impossible for me to grab any of its shoes off the sneakers app, I may have to take matters into my own hands and release my own custom shoes. See I got the Jared Quays, baby! It's cool because you get a microphone cord hanging out of the back and you can connect your shoe to any karaoke player and it will play me telling you this bit.