The Rush: Despite Justin Herbert’s best efforts, Chargers find a way to lose to Saints

The Los Angeles Chargers lost a heartbreaker to the New Orleans Saints, 30-27, despite rookie QB Justin Herbert throwing for four TDs, and the Tampa Bay Rays went up 2-0 over the Houston Astros while the Atlanta Braves took a 1-0 lead over the Los Angeles Dodgers in their respectives series. PLUS: what does Chris Berman’s hair have in common with Joe Dirt, Danny DeVito, Beetlejuice, and the Joker? Jared breaks it down.

Video Transcript

- Every player you go against is watching, and this was a zero blitz. And you'd think that Malcolm Jenkins thought he had them in the back of the pocket.

JARED QUAY: Justin Herbert got his first win as the Chargers starting quarterback, is what I wish I was saying right now, but unfortunately, that just hasn't come true yet.

- That sucks.

JARED QUAY: Herbert busted his ass again to grab another first half double digit lead, but still ended up on the side of defeat as the Saints beat the Chargers 30 to 27 in overtime. The Chargers may have lost, but you can not blame number 10. The kid was on fire, tossing four touchdowns with a 122 quarterback rating. But once again, his team just couldn't get it done. So far this year, Herbert's charges have had four quarter leads against Mahomes's Chiefs, Brady's Bucks, and Drew Brees's Saints, but unfortunately have lost them all.

- That sucks!

JARED QUAY: But he's still going toe to toe with future Hall of Famers, so keep swinging for the fences, kid. Speaking of swinging for the fences, the Tampa Bay Rays are now up 2-0 against the Houston Astros after yesterday's 4-2 victory. It's crazy how a team that drove in 30-plus runs last series only has three runs through two games. Either they're bats fell asleep, or they have yet to find a way to cheat. But either way, if they don't figure something out, they gonna find themselves watching a team that hasn't been caught cheating in the World Series.

- That's what I'm talking about.

JARED QUAY: In the NLCS, the Dodgers and Braves played a beautiful game if you love pitching and defense. But if you want to see a whole ton of runs like me, it was like watching paint dry. The Dodgers's only run was a solo homer by Keke Hernandez at the bottom of the fifth.

- [INAUDIBLE] is gone. The game is tied.

JARED QUAY: But the game was still closed because the Braves themselves only had one run through eight innings. But then the Dodgers fell apart. Austin Riley [INAUDIBLE] at the top of the ninth, and then the Braves added a bunch of insurance runs, taking game one of the NLCS 5-1 over the Dodgers.

Now, look, quarantine has been tough on us all. Barbershops have been closed. We've been working from home so much that we got comfortable, pale. I only have pants on right now.

But one person is taking it a little harder than the rest of us. Yep, that's Chris Berman. What? All right, so for the next 30 seconds, I'm going to roast the legend because it needs to be done. [INAUDIBLE] timer.

Chris Berman looks like he thought his job was radio. Yo, he look like a stand-in for Beetlejuice. Yo, I bet Danny Devito's watching this going, hey, that guy's taking my swag. Yo, he look like Joe Dirt's second cousin.

Chris Berman's making the fastest three minutes look like the longest year ever. Yo, my man look like he auditioning for the next "Joker" movie role. Yo, if the real Slim Shady says stand up, Chris Berman better get on his feet. All right, just let the timer go out. I don't really got no more jokes.