The Rush: Despite going full Lamar, Darnold can’t lead Jets to first win

In a surprisingly entertaining Thursday Night Football game, the Denver Broncos outlasted the New York Jets 37-28, the Pittsburgh Steelers - Tennessee Titans game has been postponed “a few weeks” after two more members of the Titans organization tested positive for COVID-19, the Atlanta Falcons are using drones to disinfect their stadium from COVID-19, the Atlanta Braves, Oakland Athletics, San Diego Padres, and Los Angeles Dodgers all won MLB playoff games yesterday, Bam Adebayo and Goran Dragic are both doubtful for the Miami Heat’s Game 2 matchup against the Los Angeles Lakers in the NBA Finals, and the Philadelphia 76ers signed head coach Doc Rivers to a 5-year deal.

Video Transcript

- --with Gordon, who has to pounce. And now, this is the play they need. Gordon is going to get toward the end zone and in!

JARED QUAY: Another Thursday, another football game between two terrible teams, as the Jets and the Broncos battled it out to see who can get their first win. The game, itself, was actually pretty good. Sam Darnold transformed into Lamar Jackson in the first half.

Jerry Jeudy got his first career touchdown. [INAUDIBLE] Drew Lock is still the Broncos' quarterback because Brett Rypien threw three interceptions. And Melvin Gordon sealed the deal with a 43-yard touchdown run, as the Broncos won, 37 to 28.

- Melvin Gordon has, basically, ended this ballgame.

JARED QUAY: And they might have said that Adam Gase's job would stay, even if the Jets lost. But whatever the over under is for when he gets fired, I'm definitely taking that under. In other NFL news, so much for the Titans, Steelers game only getting pushed back a day or two. Yesterday, it was announced that the game was getting bumped to later in the season, as two more members of the Titans organization tested positive for COVID-19.

Tennessee might have to take a page out of the Falcons' playbook because check out Atlanta using drones to disinfect their stadium from the 'rona. And while they at it, I hope the Falcons can get them drones to play some defense. Because they going need it to hold onto a lead for once.

MLB playoffs continued yesterday with four more games. The Braves swept the Reds, and kept them scoreless over a two-game series.

- The Atlanta Braves have won their first postseason series in 19 years.

JARED QUAY: After losing Game 1, the A's won two straight to eliminate the White Sox.

- What a win today, and what a series' win.

JARED QUAY: And they will now try to reign some justice down on the Houston Trash-tros in the next round. The Padres went full Slam Diego, belting five home runs in a come-from-behind win to force Game 3 against the Cardinals.

- And the Padres add to their advantage.

JARED QUAY: The Dodgers will get the winner of that game, as they finished off the sweep of the Brewers last night.

- Strike three, see you later, Christian Yelich.

JARED QUAY: Over in the NBA bubble, the Miami Heat are down 0-1 to the Lakers. And for the game tonight, maybe without Bam Adebayo and Goran Dragic, as both are listed as doubtful. I'mma just call it now, Lakers in three.

And Philly finally has a new slogan, what's up, Doc? Because the 76ers signed their new coach, Doc Rivers, to a five-year deal. He's tasked with the job of trying to find a way to make Joel Embiid and Ben Simmons work together on the court.

And that ain't no small task either. Good luck, Doc, because you know how them Philly fans be. I know your deal say five years. But you got two seasons-- one and a half, really.