The Rush: Browns win despite COVID, NBA postpones game because of it

The Cleveland Browns notched their first playoff victory in 25 years by dominating the Pittsburgh Steelers, Drew Brees and Tom Brady have a date in the Divisional round after the New Orleans Saints thumped the Chicago Bears, the Baltimore Ravens defeated the Tennessee Titans as Lamar Jackson finally won a playoff game and the NBA has no plans to pause their season even as last night’s Miami Heat vs Boston Celtics game was postponed. PLUS: Relive Vince Young’s epic TD run in the 2006 Rose Bowl. Just click here to experience the iconic play in Augmented Reality!

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DEMARIO DAVIS: --proud! We kill! We eat!

- We got it.

DEMARIO DAVIS: Let me hear you one time!

- We proud! We kill! We eat!



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The Steelers gave up a fumble for a touchdown the first play of their game against the Browns, and Cleveland never gave up the lead. It was the Browns first playoff game in 18 years, their first playoff win in 25, and the first one on the road since 1969. I don't think my mom was alive then. Yes, she was. She wouldn't remember because she was real young. And if they want to make it to their first ever Super Bowl, they're going to need to do more of the same next week in Kansas City.

The Bears and Saints game may have been aired on Nickelodeon, but the main character was still an old guy. Drew Brees threw for two touchdowns and led New Orleans to a 21 to 9 victory over Chicago. The win sets up an epic battle of the boomers. Brady, Brees.

In the divisional round, Brees hooks up with fellow 40-something Tom Brady, and I can't wait. It's like the loser got to retire. Them the rules.

It's took three playoff games, but Lamar Jackson finally got himself a post season win. He went for 136 yards and a TD in Baltimore's 20 to 13 victory over Tennessee. It didn't hurt that the Ravens defense held Derrick Henry to just 40 yards on the ground. And when you do that, you deserve to dance anywhere you want. We'll see if that brave next week when they go to Buffalo to take on the Bills, who's mafia is so ruthless, this is how they treat little kids.

- Bills Mafia gender reveal.

- Woo!

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- Rebound with the left hand and wow.

- Boom.

JARED QUAY: That's beautiful.

- That is sweet.

- That is just beautiful.

JARED QUAY: There were plenty of games on the NBA schedule last night, but we got to talk about the one that didn't happen. Boston versus Miami was postponed due to lack of available players because of COVID protocol. The Celtics were ready to play even though they were missing nine guys.

But then Miami was like--

- (SINGING) Hold my beer!

JARED QUAY: Because they couldn't even fill an eight-man roster. The league has said it has no plans to pause the season, but they already have no fans. And some teams don't even have no players. Meaning the NBA Finals might look like this.


The college football title game tonight, which is a great excuse to remember the greatest play in championship history. Vince Young put himself in the record books in the 2006 Rose Bowl game. And Thanks to Yahoo Sports, you can put yourself into that play.

Experience the game-winning play in augmented reality on the field in whichever angle you want. All you got to do is click the link at the bottom of the blog. Go ahead. Don't be shy. I got time. I'll wait.

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