The Rush: Blunders and flurries mark MLB Opening Day, Roy Williams retires from UNC

MLB’s Opening Day included Miguel Cabrera’s blurry home run in blizzard-like conditions, an epic baserunning blunder blunder by the Dodgers and a postponed contest between the Mets and Nationals because of COVID. Plus, Roy Williams retires from college basketball, leaving a major vacancy at UNC Chapel Hill, and we know just the man to fill his shoes...or do we?

Video Transcript

- That isn't snow again.

- Was that a Pinocchio?


- Deep and gone! Miguel Cabrera's 350th as a Tiger!

- And he's at second base with a--

- He slid into second.

- He thought it was a double. How about that?

- That's awesome.

- On opening day in a--

- Look at the confetti.

- --snow-filled stadium.


LIZ LOZA: Happy 2021 baseball season, everybody.


This is what opening day looked like in Detroit as the Tigers hosted Cleveland in a whiteout. I mean, that's fun for like two innings, tops. And then it's like--


At least those teams made it on the field, which is more than I can say for the Mets and the Nationals. Their opening day was postponed due to positive COVID tests among at least three Nats players. I truly hope everyone gets well soon, but all I'm thinking is poor Mets fans. New York signed Francisco Lindor to a super mega deal the night before, so everyone's excited and actually has hope for a change. And then their time to shine gets shut down, and it's the other team's fault.

- The Mets lost.

LIZ LOZA: On the left coast, the Dodgers did manage to take the field, but I bet they wish they hadn't. Not only did they leave 14 runners on base in a loss to the Rockies, but they also made the blooper reel with this blunder.

- He drives that one to left center field. Carrying well, and it is gone!

LIZ LOZA: Cody Bellinger blasts a home run. Justin Turner, who's on first, thinks it was caught at the wall, so he sprints back to first. In the process, Bellinger passes Turner on the bases, and that's a no-no.


So Bellinger is called out, gets credited with only a single, and Turner still gets to go to home. Got it?

- I don't get it.

LIZ LOZA: North Carolina's got a very big vacancy to fill. Hall of Fame hoops coach Roy Williams called it a career yesterday. In his 18 years at UNC, Roy led the men's hoops team to three national championships. But the thing I'm gonna miss the most about Roy Williams is definitely this.


Roy is low key funny as hell. Not only did he decide to announce his retirement on April Fool's Day, but he dropped this gem during the press conference.

ROY WILLIAMS: In today's times, I should say that I'm not retiring or resigning. I'm opting out. That's the most ridiculous phrase I've ever heard in my life. Why the hell don't you just say, "I quit?"

LIZ LOZA: Roy has always had that spicy, get-off-my-lawn vibe, and I am here for it. You know what? I'm also here for Michael Jordan taking over as head coach. I mean, I know that this isn't the kind of gig that MJ wants, but surely UNC could sweeten the pot for its most famous alum. MJ would only have to work on game days, he'd get a cigar stipend, and unlimited credits at Harrah's Resort and Casino.

Ah, hell, you're right. He would never take that job. Hey, somebody call Ted Lasso's agent.