The Rush: America looks on with envy as certain countries start playing sports again

Certain international sports leagues are beginning to return as the Bundesliga is hoping to resume games as soon as next week. But in America, the future of sports remains in flux, for example, Illinois’ reopening plan may jeopardize the playing of NFL games. Also, Metta World Peace changed his name again, and now you can too with The Metta Ron World Sandiford Peace Artest Quarantine Name Generator! PLUS: Joe Judge has a unique way for his team to bond while players remain isolated, Elon Musk gave his son a name forged in the fires of Mount Doom, and Brooks Koepka roasted Bubba Watson.

Video Transcript


- Oh, [BLEEPS]. Now, that's pimping.

JARED QUAY: I'm gonna be honest. I'm pretty jealous of the rest of the world right now. Korea's already flipping bats. And Germany is about to get soccer back as Bundesliga is ready to resume games as early as next week.

But in America, things ain't moving quite as fast. Golf is probably gonna be the first sport back in action, though likely without caddies. Brooks Koepka thinks that ain't gonna work for everyone.

- Who wouldn't make it 18 holes carrying their own bag?

BROOKS KOEPKA: I actually don't think Bubba would. I love the guy. But there's no way he makes it to round 18 with that bag.

JARED QUAY: As for the NFL, they plan to release the 2020 schedule during their three hour broadcast tonight. But there's one thing I can already tell you. These guys ain't gonna be at a game this year.



Illinois released their state guidelines for reopening yesterday. And until there's a vaccine, they aren't allowing any gatherings of more than 50 people, which obviously means no crowds. But with players, coaches, trainers for two teams, and referees, a football game is way more than 50 people. It's actually like 100. So might this also mean no football?


It's too depressing to think about. So think about this instead.

JOE JUDGE: Look, so all these guys play video games together.

- Right.

JOE JUDGE: You know, as much as, you know, that seems like just something to pass time, it's as important for team bonding right now as anything, that they can get on an Xbox and play with each other.

JARED QUAY: No, you're not 'rona crazy. That was an NFL coach suggesting his players prepare for the season by playing video games.

- Then let the video games begin.

JARED QUAY: Yo, it's a brave new world out here, bruh. First, he was Ron Artest. Then he was Metta World Peace. And yesterday, he dropped his latest masterpiece on us, Meta Sandiford-Artest. Damn, he gonna get rid of world peace like that? I hope Sandiford mean world peace somewhere.

- Doubt it.

JARED QUAY: Maybe he got caught up in all the hype surrounding Elon Musk's kid. I'd say the boy's name out loud, but it summons the ghost of Steve Jobs.


- Ghost!

- Jealous of everyone's fresh names? Don't be because you can get your own at Yahoo Sports on Twitter. That's where we have the Metta Ron World Sandiford Peace Artest Quarantine Name Generator. [CLAPS]

To use it yourself, check out the name generator on the Twitter thread. And to show you how easy it is, I'm gonna do it right now in front of y'all.

Check it out. Here we go. All right, OK.


Peace Musk. I guess it's got to grow on me a little bit. It sound like you stink a little bit, though. It sound like a peaceful like earthy deodorant, Peace Musk.