The Rush: AD leads Lakers to victory while Dame suffers dislocated finger

The top seeded Los Angeles Lakers and Milwaukee Bucks both had big bounce back games against the Portland Trail Blazers and Orlando Magic respectively, tying their series at 1-1. To add more misery to Portland, Damian Lillard suffered a dislocated finger, but says he’s playing in Game 3. Elsewhere in the bubble, the Miami Heat and Houston Rockets both went up 2-0 over the Indiana Pacers and Oklahoma City Thunder. The Minnesota Timberwolves were the big winners of the NBA Draft Lottery, grabbing the No. 1 overall pick while Steph Curry and the Golden State Warriors will have to decide what to do at No. 2. Meanwhile, Curry and his family, along with LeBron James are focused on endorsing Joe Biden for President.

Video Transcript


LEBRON JAMES: It ain't our ball?

- It's our ball.

LEBRON JAMES: It ain't our ball?

- Hey, it's our ball.

LEBRON JAMES: It's our ball, ain't it?

- It's our ball!

LEBRON JAMES: It's our ball! Hey! It's our ball! It's our ball! Dame just laid the ball up down there!

JARED QUAY: Yes, LeBron, it's your ball, and the universe corrected itself. Because the number 1 Lakers tied their series with a blowout win over the number 8 Trail Blazers. Anthony Davis was a monster doing a lot of this--

- Smith back out to Davis. Davis across the lane. Nice adjustment.

JARED QUAY: --and a lot of this.

- That one won't go. Rebound-- Davis back up and in.

JARED QUAY: On the other hand, Portland was out of sync. And to make matters worse, Dame dislocated his finger in the third quarter and left the game. But Dame says he'll be back in the lineup for game 3.

LeBron didn't have to do too much in last night's win. But that doesn't mean he wasn't busy. And we'll get to that later.

Much like the Lakers, the number 1 seed Bucks bounced back against the number 8 Orlando Magic with a 111-96 win to tie the series. Giannis did what Giannis does, getting 28 points and 20 rebounds.

- Say it with your chest, Giannis!

JARED QUAY: He makes it look easy. The Miami Heat rode Duncan Robinson's hot hand to a 109-100 win over the Pacers while setting a team record of 18 made 3-pointers.

- Robinson rising up. Man! He is still hot!

JARED QUAY: The Heat are so in sync, guys are bringing Jimmy Butler back from the dead.

- It looked like he banged his head. But who's that giving him the resuscitation? It looked like Dragic.

JARED QUAY: And the newly resurrected Butler is making requests from Tyler Herro's mom.

JIMMY BUTLER: Moms Herro. Tag me on the Gram. Put me in your Tiky Tok.

JARED QUAY: Just like in Houston where the Rockets went up 2-0 after beating the Thunder 111 to 98. And they did it while taking a playoff record 56 3-pointers.

- Harden back to Jeff Green-- another wide open look. It's good.

JARED QUAY: Sure they only made 19 of them. But still, that's good enough. But the real story was what the hell was Russell Westbrook wearing last night? My man had a cutoff iron maiden shirt with a trucker hat.

- You know who Iron Maiden is?

JARED QUAY: And while 16 teams are currently fighting for the championship, 14 teams were left watching and fighting for the number one pick.

- In Thunderdome-style post-apocalyptic mayhem.

JARED QUAY: Now the Warriors, who went to five straight finals before this year, somehow had the best odds to get that coveted first overall pick. How does that work?

- Honestly, I have no [BLEEP] idea.

JARED QUAY: And Steph Curry looking like somebody created him on "2K" was there repping for his squad.

MARK TATUM: The second pick goes to the Golden State Warriors. And that means that the number 1 pick in the 2020 NBA draft goes to the Minnesota Timberwolves.

JARED QUAY: So the question is, are D'Angelo Russell and the Wolves going to draft LaMelo and deal with--

LAVAR BALL: I'm undefeated, never loss.

JARED QUAY: He's going to have to retire that line if he gets drafted by the Timberwolves because they kind of always lose. Always lost! And how did Steph do after losing out on number one?

STEPH CURRY: Number 2 ain't bad. Y'all check out the draft. A lot of time between now and then to see what we're going to do.

JARED QUAY: Reading in between the lines, the Warriors are definitely trading that second overall pick. But that might be because him and his wife, Ayesha, are putting their energy into something else.

AYESHA CURRY: We want to ensure that our kids live in a nation that is safe, happy, healthy, and fair. And so this election--

STEPH CURRY: We're voting for Joe Biden.

JARED QUAY: That's right, the Currys are getting behind Democratic presidential nominee Joe Biden. And they're not alone.

JEMELE HILL: Do you plan on doing any kind of campaigning for Joe Biden and Kamala Harris?

LEBRON JAMES: For sure. I think what's known don't need to be said.

JARED QUAY: Needless to say, when LeBron and Steph are getting involved, it is serious. This is weird. This is the first time they ever been on the same team. Yo, that's going to be a monster game. Yo, Biden, you have a real team on you. Next thing you know, KD going to trade after a 31-loss.