Rupert Grint gave a rare interview about daughter Wednesday, and his story is hilarious

Photo credit: NBC - Getty Images
Photo credit: NBC - Getty Images

Rupert Grint has given a rare interview about his daughter Wednesday, and he's shared a hilarious story about the one-year-old.

The Harry Potter actor, 33, welcomed little Wednesday back in May 2020 with partner and fellow actor Georgia Groome, 30. The family remain fairly private, with Rupert sparking a sweet reaction from fans after he shared a rare photo of the 21-month-old back in January.

Now, he's been busy opening up about Wednesday during an interview on The Tonight Show with Jimmy Fallon. Sharing how he feels about fatherhood, Rupert revealed that he's "loving it," adding, "it's brilliant".

Speaking about little Wednesday, he said, "Now, she's kind of talking and doing things, 'cause for so long babies just don't do anything." He went on, "She's speaking, she's talking, she's got opinions."

As for the words Wednesday is saying, Rupert revealed, "She says 'dada', she says 'mama' - it was kind of at the same time." The actor went on to share a hilarious detail about the toddler, adding, "And also, the F-word came pretty quick."

Explaining how one-year-old Wednesday learnt the swear word, he told Fallon, "She spends a lot of time in my dressing room when I'm doing my lines for [TV show Servant], and my character says the F-word a lot. And now she just says it whenever she's excited. We were in a toy store today and she was just walking around just dropping it."

Asked how people respond to little Wednesday swearing, he replied, "It's kind of a mixed reaction. We find it hilarious, so it's kind of encouraging it."

Photo credit: NBC - Getty Images
Photo credit: NBC - Getty Images

Rupert went on to share details on how he and Georgia chose Wednesday's name, saying, "It's a good name, isn't it? It's a strong name ... I'm always hesitant to say it was The Addams Family, but it was, yeah, kind of The Addams Family. I just always loved the name. It's a good name. It's punchy, it's kind of memorable."

Discussing whether he'll show Wednesday the Harry Potter films in the future, Rupert revealed that the one-year-old already adorably has her own wand.

He explained, "I've already started showing her the trailers. She has a wand and a PEZ dispenser with my head on it."


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