Runphoria, Cyked, and 13 Other Words We’d Add to the Oxford English Dictionary

Runphoria: The high after a run. (Photo: Matthew Leete/Getty Images)

In case you missed it, “hangry” — when you’re so hungry that you’re angry — and “wine o’clock” — the time of the day to drink alcohol/wine — have been added to the Oxford English Dictionary, among other words.

The tome’s latest update got us thinking about some other words we wish could be included. (OK, fine, so most of these are words we made up, but they do accurately convey how we think/feel!)

Here are some we hope Oxford will consider for the next update:

  • Pli-ache: The ache from plié-ing too many times at barre class.

  • Cyked: The high after a spin class.

  • Soulcessed: Being obsessed with SoulCycle.

  • Kale-hole: That friend who can’t stop/won’t stop espousing the nutritious virtues of kale.

  • Bowl-er: Someone who’s boss at making smoothie bowls, grain bowls, etc.

  • ABiktion: Addiction to Bikram yoga.

  • Runphobic: When you hate running.

  • Runphoria: The high after a run.

  • Runger: That ravenous hunger you experience after a run.

  • Namacray: Obsession with yoga.

  • Medita-cation: A meditation vacation.

  • Sports-Brack: The achy back condition you experience after contorting your body to peel off a sticky, sweaty sports bra.

  • Sugar Hangover: Feeling cruddy in the morning after eating/drinking way too much sugar the night before.

  • Fastinista: A runner with a great fashion sense, whose workout clothes you’re constantly coveting (term coined by Runner’s World!).

  • Fegan: Fake-vegan; someone who eats mostly vegan for health reasons, but makes exceptions for bacon.

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