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Mary Elisabeth is a Runner’s World+ member. Join her and thousands of others chasing their goals with day-by-day training plans, expert advice from editors and coaches, and unlimited digital access. We regularly feature members online and in print.

Running has given me confidence, renewed youth, and a real purpose as I try to maintain a healthy lifestyle as I age. It has saved me during the COVID pandemic. I could run any time, on my schedule, without affecting anyone else. All I needed was my gear and a will. No reliance on the gym opening, a class meeting or anything else. Running keeps me outside enjoying my city and the beautiful trails in West Virginia. It also allows me time to clear my head and enjoy the run of the day.

I am always looking for ways to eat better, find fuel for my runs, running techniques, gear and the personal stories of runners of all caliber.

I started running for weight management but it has become a lifestyle habit. Running allows me to check my body and how it is working, time to think, and enjoy the beauty of my state. I feel more youthful by running and challenging my abilities. I have traveled all over the country and what better way to learn about an area than to take a run. There is also a trail that I regularly run in a more rural area of the state and it connects me with nature and the natural beauty of the outdoors. It is calm and peaceful and very nourishing for my serenity and my runner soul.

I regularly run the Greenbrier River Trail. It is an old railroad trail that has been converted to a hiking/biking trail (rail to trail) that runs along the Greenbrier River in Greenbrier County, WV. In many places the trees canopy the trail so no matter what the temperature it is delightful. It is a lovely 88 mile trail that runs along the Greenbrier River. I love seeing deer, beautiful birds, turtles, chip monks and occasionally stray goats and cows. I rarely run into other people so it’s kind of like my own personal running route in nature.I also regularly run on a path along the Kanawha River in Charleston, WV, which is near my office. I love running along the Kanawha River, around the state capitol and around the streets of my hometown.

I love my Hoka Clifton running shoes and I also put a Spenco insert in them. I had quit running due to aches and my knees. Once I tried these two products I had no pain and have been back running since. 2+ years and many miles since. A half marathon, a dozen 5Ks, and now virtual races.

Nothing is better than a chocolate Muscle Milk after a long run (8-10 miles).

I would like to continue running into my 80’s and possibly 90’s.

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