Rumer Willis says she’s finally 'allowing myself to be seen' with new lingerie pics

Rumer Willis is sharing photos of herself in a cheeky lingerie set — alongside an important message about loving all parts of ourselves.

The 90210 actress, 33, took to Instagram on Monday to share a series of stripped-down photos of herself. In the caption for the post, Willis wrote, "t is easy to love the parts of ourselves that we feel are likable or exciting, the ones we lead with in the world. This year I have been working on exploring the shadows and radically accepting them, as challenging as that may feel at times. Allowing myself to be seen, to be vulnerable. Shining a light on them and reframing the idea around growth from trying to let go or get rid of parts of myself to allowing them all to exist and loving them all."

Willis, who is the daughter of Demi Moore and Bruce Willis, added that "the parts that we reject in ourselves are usually just very young parts that are hurting and actually need the most love."

"I invite you to explore your own shadows and instead of judging them if you can give those parts a voice and allow them to ask you for what they need and give it to them,” she continued. "Love all of you unconditionally and uncompromisingly."

In May 2020, Willis posed in her underwear without filters or editing as a form of self-expression. Of the video she shared on Instagram, Willis told Hunter McGrady for Yahoo Life’s All Worthy series, "I was feeling like such crap about myself, about my body. And so I just made a video in my underwear of like, this is what all of this looks like and Instagram-standard desirable is not a reflection of what I really look like or how I'm feeling about it."

In June 2021, she also penned an ode to her legs on Instagram, as a way of showing them a little love after years of hate.

​​"Dear legs…I know [you're] busy walking and keeping me upright," she wrote at the time. “But I thought I just maybe, if you could spare a moment I’d like to put things right. I haven't been the kindest or treated you so well. In fact, I've been quite awful…I'm sure it's been hell. I've been acting like a bully and call you weak and small. I think I've lost perspective because you've never let me fall."

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