The RTIC Road Trip is our favorite duffel bag, and now it’s on sale for $60

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A good duffel bag is smart to have on hand while traveling. It can patiently await use when folded in the bottom of your checked bag, just in case you do a little shopping, or be used on its own for quick weekend trips. Standout duffels are made to last quite literally for the long haul, making them a rugged travel companion that’s far easier to deal with than a spinner bag in some situations (read: cobbled streets).

Right now, our favorite duffel bag, the RTIC Road Trip Duffel Bag is priced at just $60 at RTIC — a good $25 less than what we’re seeing for the same bag on other sites. We’d suggest shopping for it now before the promo ends since we’re not too sure how long it will last.

RTIC Road Trip Duffel Bag in Medium
60% off


Combining a heavy-duty construction with a lightweight, user-friendly design, this RTIC duffel has everything you need in an all-purpose duffel bag. At $60, this is the lowest price we can find for this duffel right now.

$60 at RTIC

In our testing, we loved that this heavy-duty bag was constructed to last while still remaining lightweight. It also has a place for pretty much everything. There’s a small front pocket for essentials like your keys, phone and wallet, plus extra-long zippers and wide openings for getting things in and out easily. This medium size is even designed to fit in overhead cabins for quicker getaways.

Despite its sturdiness, versatility, capacity and good looks, it regularly clocks in at less than $70 for the medium size — online it says its normal price is $150, but that’s an estimate of “the competition.” Right now, other sites (like Amazon and Walmart) are pricing it at $65 instead of RTIC’s $60. If you want to upgrade to the large, that’s going for $80 right now at RTIC instead of the usual $85 at Walmart or Amazon, a $5 savings.

Save on these incredible duffels while you can over at RTIC.

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