RSPCA: XL Bully Dog’s Death Near Sheffield, UK Bridge Was a ‘Tragic Accident’

xl bully dog death
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American XL Bully Dog’s death investigation in the U.K. has taken a new turn. The RSPCA has revised its initial belief that the canine was deliberately thrown from a bridge to its demise, now considering the incident a “tragic accident.”

RSPCA says XL bully dog’s death was a “tragic accident”

When the American XL Bully was found lifeless beneath the flyover in Sheffield, assumptions pointed toward animal abuse. Many thought that the owner may have thrown the poor creature to its demise. However, investigations by the Royal Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals (RSPCA) have unveiled a different narrative. It appears that the dog’s death was not the result of malicious intent but rather an accident

RSPCA revealed that it had reached out to the dog’s owner. According to the organization, the owner disclosed that their pet had bolted away while they were out on a walk.

Additionally, the organization highlighted the aftermath of a social media appeal, conveying that the owner had faced a barrage of “significant abuse” online.

The charity relayed the owner’s account in a statement released on Wednesday, Jan. 31. They stated, “The owner told us that their young dog was nervous and had broken her lead while on a walk and ran off.”

The statement continued, “The owner told us they immediately made attempts to trace the pet by putting an appeal out on social media asking for help.”

Subsequently, the charity addressed the unfortunate repercussions of publicly disseminating the owner’s personal information on social media platforms. Public members shared the individual’s details online, resulting in backlash. The organization urged individuals to trust their thorough investigation into the circumstances of this tragic incident. They conveyed that, given the evidence at hand, it seemed to be a profoundly sad accident.

Starting Feb. 1, American XL bullies require an exemption certificate, leash, and muzzle. Breeding, sale, and advertisement of the breed will be prohibited. Moreover, abandonment or stray acts are illegal, and exempt dogs must undergo neutering and microchipping. XL bully owners had until January 31st to complete the online exemption application.

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