The Royal Grandkids Got a Weird Coronation Gift: A Book About the King's Underwear

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  • Prince George, Princess Charlotte, and Prince Louis were all gifted copies of a new children's book, The King's Pants, ahead of their grandfather's coronation

  • The book is a sequel to the popular U.K. children's book The Queen's Knickers, which recently celebrated its 30th anniversary.

  • The King's coronation will take place on May 6 at Westminster Abbey.

The coronation of a new monarch of the United Kingdom brings with it a lot of stress, a lot of ceremony, and certainly a lot of baggage. A complex to-do, with a lot of complex socio-political intricacies, can be complicated for us adults to even wrap our heads around. So imagining what it must be like for the children in the Royal Family—kids who already deal with such a unique childhood—to process such an event is daunting indeed.

Well, the children of William and Kate, the Prince and Princess of Wales, recently received a gift that might clear some things up. Prince George, age 9, Princess Charlotte, age 7, and the youngest, 4-year-old Prince Louis, were all gifted a copy of a new children's book called The King's Pants in anticipation of the coronation of their grandfather, King Charles III, according to Hello Magazine.

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King Charles III and family on Christmas 2022Samir Hussein - Getty Images

The King's Pants might seem an unusual subject for a kid's book, but there is apparently precedent over in the U.K.. The author, Nicholas Allan, had previously published a book that now serves as the prequel to The King's Pants, The Queen's Knickers, which remains popular in its home country, and recently celebrated its 30th anniversary.

The Queen's Knickers is apparently a book wherein "the range of royal underwear is revealed," as the Queen prepares for a school visit (look, we'd ask questions, but this is a place that once had a TV show about teaching dogs to fly actual airplanes. So we're just gonna roll with it).

The King's Pants likewise revolves around royal underclothes, revealing that the King has some for every occasion "...including his Coronation Pants {...} his Organic Pants and even an inflatable pair of Space-Pants." Allan apparently wrote the book quite some time ago, reports Hello Magazine. "I initially wrote and illustrated The King's Pants a long time ago," Allan said. "...but like an old pair of boxer shorts it has been sat at the bottom of my drawer for many, many years, a royal book in-waiting, and now I feel it is the right time for the story to be royally enjoyed, for our new King's Coronation."

Now, is thinking about our grandpa's underwear what cheers us up during stressful family times? Not so much, but we hope this cute kids book helps the royal trio unwind a bit amidst all the pomp and circumstance.

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