The Royal Family Is Bracing Itself for What Prince Harry Says on the Witness Stand

The Royal Family Is Bracing Itself for What Prince Harry Says on the Witness Stand

Prince Harry has taken the stand in his phone hacking court case against the publishers of the Daily Mirror, and apparently the royals are....nervous. A "highly placed palace source" tells Page Six “I can’t imagine anyone is pleased,” and adds that the royals are “privately bracing themselves.”

Meanwhile, another source says that “Harry would see himself as fighting their battle too, to protect the reputation of the monarchy. But certainly, they [the royal family] avoid confrontation with the media in most instances. And litigation is so lengthy, stressful and unpredictable, not to mention expensive. You just have no idea what direction the other side is going to go in on, and what they will dredge up.”

prince harry gives evidence at the mirror group newspapers trial
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The lawyer for Mirror Group Newspapers reportedly told the court that stories about Harry “came from information disclosed by or on behalf of royal households or members of the royal family.” So yeah, as the source put it, “There’s a damn good reason why the royal family should feel uncomfortable about this."

Per a previous report from The Guardian, Harry’s lawsuit alleges that “the company unlawfully gathered information on the prince between 1996 and 2011 that was published in its papers.”

Reporter Jim Waterson also explained that, “The royals have always done their best to keep out of the court system in case it becomes a bit unpalatable and unpleasant for them and reveals things that they don’t want revealed. But Harry has adopted a sort of, ‘I don’t care any more’ attitude.”

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