Rottweiler's Joy Over Meeting 'Her' New Baby Is So Touching

This sweet dog will be a loving companion for life.

There's always a bit of trepidation when introducing a new baby to your fur baby. Will the dog get along with the baby? Be terrified of the baby? Or even more upsetting at all, growl at the baby? And sure, it's entirely possible a dog who growls at a baby will grow up to be perfect with the baby, but it's something no parent wants to see to begin with!

That's why this video posted b y TikTok user @Nicolemigz is so heartwarming. This nanny dog is going to love this baby forever.

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She's so sweet and so excited to meet her new human sibling! @CherylBrunette comments, "Precious...what blessings." What blessings, indeed. @Jaden adds, "That side eye is her letting you know she’s protecting him." @JoyPryor replies, "That's her baby now." Awwww!

It's always best to go slow and let the dog get accustomed to the smells and sounds of the baby, like the sweet family did above. But with love and patience, you can expect your two babies to live happily ever after.

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