Rottweiler’s Cute Reaction to Getting His Nails Clipped Is Too Funny

When you think of Rottweilers you might think of big, strong, 'tough' dogs, and @Chop from Grand Theft Auto is all of those things...but he's also a big baby. Chop's mom shared a video mid-October 2023 of what happens when it's time to clip his nails, and based on his reaction, he is not a fan.

The video starts with Chop wearing an adorable sweater (this makes him look less tough) and his mom tells him it's time to clip his nails. His reaction is one of dread, and you can tell he doesn't approve. She's able to clip one paw, but when she goes to the other, he's not having it!

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It's clear that @Chop would rather be doing anything other than getting his nails clipped. He does not approve, and while he grumbles and complains through the process, he's still a good boy and good sport about it! Why? Because of course he wants those treats!

The video got nearly 9 million views, over 1.5 million likes, and nearly 9 thousand comments. Chop's fans loved the video and his reaction! @Tin Cusi pointed out, "The rottie rumble"! @Ra'gine Terry laughed, "He wants that treat though LMAO"! @Nattie got almost 115 thousand likes for her comment, "The voluntary giving of the paw and the obvious dismay LOL!!" @Rachel shared, "He slammed that paw down “take it HURRY UP”!", and Chop's mom replied, "With every single ounce of Rottitude in his body!!!"  Another commenter added, "He like “alright but imma complain the whole time"!" Maybe mom should try putting him in air jail next time!

@Ariela Ross had my favorite comment and 80 thousand other people liked it too, "Why is nobody talking about THE SWEATER?!?!" Right?! It makes him look like such a gentleman!

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