Rose Street and Pharmacy Drop Edits for X Games Showdown Round 3

Rose Street (Encinitas, California) and Pharmacy (Victorville, California) dropped their edits for the X Games Showdown this morning kicking off the third round with a bang. We're big fans of both these shops and I have to say, this round is a tough one. Two different vibes—both absolutely ripping!

With hungry up-and-comers pulling for each squad, these edits are total bangers from start to finish. Check them below:

Rose Street


If you feel like supporting, you have 24 hours to vote for your favorite edit here. Also, I was a day late and a dime short on getting up the Westside (Florida) and Black Sheep (North Carolina) edits up, but I will say both shops rip and their teams really came through in Round 2!

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We all know how important skate shops are to our local communities and to skateboarding itself, just in general. Many of these shops are a home away from home and act as hubs for skaters far and wide. And I mean, let's be honest—hanging out at a skate shop is simply the best! While all these shops are going head-to-head, at the end of the day, it's just skateboarding and the support from all directions is rad to see.

Watch the edits, get stoked and support your local! We'll be posting a few more edits from Round 1 over the next few days.

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