Rose-Covered Neapolitan Cake

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Photo: Amanda Rettke

Amanda Rettke defines herself by her baking. No, really, her blog is called i am baker. The self-taught, Minnesota-based baker (don’t forget it!) has got mad technique, from the rose frosting seen above to the cakes that made her famous enough to publish a cookbook, Surprise Inside Cakes. Click here to see what that means.

For this rose-covered cake, Rettke bakes and stacks three different cake flavors: vanilla, strawberry, and chocolate. For the exterior, Rettke uses her buttercream recipe, perfected in order to hold its shape and still taste delicious, in three colors to match each cake layer. Next comes the hard part: Rettke frosts each layer of rosettes using a revolving cake stand. (You can learn more about the technique in her video tutorial.) In the end, you have a rose-covered cake that’s even more beautiful after you cut into it.

Get this recipe: Neapolitan Cake Recipe


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