Rose champion hopes to win big at The Tampa Rose Society's 52nd show

TAMPA, Fla. - From the front, it's a home that looks like any other. However, when you head to the backyard, you'll find a garden of beautiful roses.

"Sometimes just the fragrance, and sometimes the absolute beauty of the blossom," said Sid Dyson.

He's been growing the roses for 45 years and many have been named royalty at the Tampa Rose Society's 52nd Annual Show, but it all depends on popping, and Dyson's good at it.

He makes a well-practiced clicking sound. Dyson pops blooms that are past their prime to help the bush. That’s the easy part, but the big question: Will his buds pop into blooms in time to win at the rose show?

"You always have to have confidence," said Dyson. "You always say, ‘that one’s going to do it.’"

Last year he took seven roses to the show and six of them won. He said knowing when to pop the old blossom that could help pop the new blossom just in time to steal the show again is Dyson's goal.

"If it doesn’t grow like I want it to, I have to find out why," he said.

The Tampa Rose Society’s 52nd Annual Show is this Saturday, May 11, at Westshore Plaza.


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