Rose Byrne Says She “Absolutely” Plans to Marry Long-Term Partner Bobby Cannavale

The couple has been together for 11 years and have two sons, but they have yet to tie the knot.

<p>Astrid Stawiarz / Getty Images</p>

Astrid Stawiarz / Getty Images

Even though Rose Byrne and Bobby Cannavale have been going strong for 11 years and even refer to one another as “husband” and “wife,” they're not officially married. “I’m more married to him than anybody I’ve ever been with my whole life,” the Bridesmaids star tells People on May 24, 2023. Still, that doesn't mean that the duo has completely ruled out the idea of a wedding. The Australian actress says she will “absolutely” marry the Nine Perfect Strangers actor one day, but the timing doesn’t work right now due to scheduling issues. “Definitely something that we will do,” she shares. “We’ll get around to it.”

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Arturo Holmes / Getty Images

Since Byrne says she always has so much fun at weddings—especially on the dance floor—and finds the celebrations “very moving,” she’s excited to eventually throw her own nuptials. “I love going to weddings,” she reveals. One aspect of the event that she particularly enjoys is being a member of the bridal party. “I’ve been a bridesmaid twice,” she says. “I loved it. Everyone else is so over being a bridesmaid, and I’m like, ‘I loved it.’ I found it so entertaining.”

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The Physical star and The Watcher actor first met through mutual friends in 2012, but they didn’t confirm their relationship until the following year. They’ve been an item ever since, and they even share two children together: Rocco and Raphael. Throughout their partnership, the couple has collaborated on more than six films together, including hits like Annie and Spy. “I love working with him,” Byrne gushes. “I was a fan of his work before we were friends, before we were together, and so, it felt very seamless to do. I hope we get to work together again.” Byrne adds that she always has a lot of fun working together because her boyfriend is “a true artist.”

Their most recent project was shooting Inappropriate Behavior, a comedy-drama film written by Tony Spiridakis and directed by Tony Goldwyn that’s expected to air on October 20, 2023. Byrne called the motion picture a “special project,” per People. In 2020, the pair was preparing to perform Medea play before the pandemic shut it down. According to the outlet, the duo would practice together while doing chores, and Byrne looks back on that time with fond memories. “We would constantly run lines,” she remembers. “We were just always doing the dishes, and that was so great. It was awesome.”

Although the two of them have bustling careers in the entertainment industry, the Like a Boss actress says being there for her children is her first priority when she gets home after work. “It’s just all that conversation that every married couple with children is having about scheduling that takes precedence in the house rather than the trauma of what we did that night,” she notes. However, if Byrne thinks her children will enjoy watching a show that she’s in, such as Bluey, she’ll bring it up at home, according to People.

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