The Root 100 - The Most Influential African Americans in 2020 - 62: Ajón Crump

Oleg Dyachenko
·1 min read

When the coronavirus started making its way across America earlier this year, Ajón Crump spoke to a cousin of hers, a nurse in Florida, who said that her sneakers were wearing out because she was standing on her feet for hours while walking the floors of the hospital. It sparked an idea in Crump to gift new kicks to nurses working hard in hospitals across the country in the fight against the coronavirus. In April, while still a student at SUNY Old Westbury, she launched the #NikesForNurses fundraising campaign on GoFundMe (it's now called #NursesKeepGoing) in hopes of treating about 20 nurses to brand-new shoes on their doorstep. By the end of July, the campaign had raised thousands-making it possible for Crump to deliver sneakers to more than 200 nurses, sometimes by hand. The Nurses Keep Going campaign is still going strong.