The Root 100 - The Most Influential African Americans in 2020 - 45: Joshua Green

Oleg Dyachenko
·1 min read

A graduate of Florida A&M University, Joshua Green didn't let denials from traditional investors dissuade him from establishing "cannatech" (cannabis technology) company Veriheal in 2017 with his business partner, Samuel Adetunji (also one of our honorees this year). Describing those denials as motivators for Adetunji and him to carve out a place for Black men like them in the booming marijuana business, Green is now on a mission to educate more people about the benefits of the green. The telehealth platform that he and Adetunji founded helps match patients across the country with doctors in their state who can certify them for medical marijuana, and Green is also keen on engaging members of communities that have historically been criminalized for selling and using weed. He develops culturally relevant content for Veriheal and other platforms, like Greentrepeneur, to help increase understanding of the long-maligned plant and invite more people of color into the business.