Ronaldinho released from prison in Paraguay after six-month stay

Jack Baer
·1 min read
Ronaldinho is out of jail and house arrest in Paraguay. (Jorge Saenz/AP)
Ronaldinho is out of jail and house arrest in Paraguay. (Jorge Saenz/AP)

Ronaldinho’s Paraguayan jail saga has reportedly come to an end.

The former Brazilian soccer star and his brother, Roberto de Assis, were released from prison in Paraguay on Monday after a judge accepted a plea deal from their defense team, according to ESPN.

Both brothers reportedly faced up to five years in jail if convicted.

The brothers were arrested in March for attempting to enter the country with a fake passport, with Ronaldhino’s bearing his exact name on the Paraguayan document. They were reportedly held in jail for a month before being placed under house arrest in Paraguay capital Asuncion. Both men paid a bail of $800,000 each.

According to ESPN, Ronaldinho told the authorities that the passports were a gift from a Brazilian businessman, Wilmondes Sousa Liria. Liria was also jailed.

The reported terms of the guilty plea are fines totaling $200,000 for the brothers, with Roberto receiving a criminal record in Paraguay, but Ronaldinho avoided that record. Roberto will reportedly not be allowed to leave Brazil for two years, while Ronaldinho will be allowed to leave as long as he keeps Paraguayan authorities updated on his travel plans.

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