Ron Jeremy pleads not guilty to rape, sexual assault charges

After declaring his “innocence” on Twitter, Ron Jeremy officially pleaded not guilty to multiple felony sex crimes, Yahoo Entertainment can confirm. The former adult film star, who appeared in a Los Angeles courtroom on Friday, remains in custody. His bail was previously set at $6.6 million.

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  • Army veteran Sen. Tammy Duckworth hits back at Tucker Carlson for claiming she hates America: 'Walk a mile in my legs'

    Carlson claimed the Purple Heart recipient hates the United States because she’s willing to listen to those who believe George Washington statues should be removed.

  • Sen. Tammy Duckworth fires back at Tucker Carlson: ‘Walk a mile in my legs’

    On Tucker Carlson Tonight Monday, Fox News host Tucker Carlson attacked Democratic senator out of Illinois, Tammy Duckworth, a possible pick for Joe Biden’s running mate and veteran who lost both legs in Iraq in 2004 when the helicopter she was piloting was struck by a rocket propelled grenade. Over the weekend, Duckworth said in an interview with CNN that “we should listen to the argument” from those who believe monuments to George Washington should be taken down because he owned slaves. So Carlson took some shots at Duckworth and, despite her years of service and the sacrifices she’s made for this country, he accused her of hating the United States.

  • Conan O'Brien finally ends quarantine to film show in iconic LA theater

    Conan O'Brien wanted to help the theater where he got his start in 1985.

  • Conan O’Brien ends quarantine to support legendary LA theater

    On Monday, Conan O’Brien debuted the new shooting location for his TBS talk show, Conan. Like other late night hosts, O’Brien had been previously filming from home due to the coronavirus pandemic. For the time being he will be presenting his show from Largo at the Coronet, more commonly known as Largo. “A lot of theaters across the country are struggling right now and we really wanted to help one of the local empty theaters here in Los Angeles so we chose Largo,” said O’Brien. “Largo is a very special place to everyone in the Los Angeles comedy community.” O’Brien started his comedy career at Largo in 1985, so it is a particularly special location. In order to safely produce the show, everyone on his “bare bones” crew is required to wear a mask and maintain social distance. While he does not have an audience, his longtime assistant Sona Movsesian sat in the audience section to provide feedback. Guests are still using video chat to communicate with O’Brien, but the addition of the theater setting does help give the show a more normal feel. In fact, Will Ferrell was the first guest and he hilariously spent the first eight seconds waving to a pretend audience.