ROGERS: THE MUSICAL Is Coming to Disneyland Resort This Summer

One of the best parts of Hawkeye on Disney+ was when Clint takes his family to see Rogers: The Musical, about the life story of Captain America Steve Rogers, on Broadway. We got to see a whole song from about the Battle of New York performed, in all its over-the-top glory. While it may have made Clint Barton roll his eyes hard, fans watching ate it up. So much so, that many MCU fans wanted to see more. And now, we are finally getting that chance. The official Disney Parks Twitter account has released a teaser for Rogers: The Musical coming to Disneyland, specifically Disney California Adventure, this summer.

It’s going to be a short, one-act play, performed at the Hyperion Theater. But hey, a short version is still more than one song. And judging from the teaser, it looks like Agent Peggy Carter will have a sizable role. As well she should, as she was Steve’s main squeeze, and a huge part of his life story.

The "Avengers" perform "I Can Do This All Day" from Rogers: The Musical from Hawkeye.
Marvel Studios

The songwriting team of Marc Shaiman and Scott Wittman co-wrote the lyrics of the one song we saw performed, “I Can Do This All Day.” Shaiman also produced the actual song recording in the original version. We imagine an expanded version would also give us a truncated version of Cap’s origin. Not to mention his romance with Peggy Carter. And it’ll probably end with a fictionalized version of his “death” fighting Thanos. Presumably, that’s what the world at large believed happened to Steve. Although as The Falcon and the Winter Soldier showed us, lots of people think Steve is alive and living on the moon.

Rogers: The Musical in MCU canon was performed at the Lunt-Fontanne Theatre in New York City. The Avengers were invited to see the premiere of the musical, although Hawkeye was the only Avenger in attendance. To be fair, the two other actual Avengers in the musical were dead, and the world believed that the titular hero of the musical was dead too. We imagine Thor was off-world, and no Broadway theater has Hulk-sized seating. Which is a shame, as we think Bruce would have enjoyed it the most.

We expect more information on when Rogers: The Musical will debut at Disneyland in the next few months.