The Rodan + Fields Redefine Regimen Worked Wonders for My Skin

rodan and fields skin care
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SKINCARE HAS never really been a top priority of mine. I’d always been content using my 2-pack Clean & Clear face washes—one for morning, one for nighttime—and calling it there. Despite having a medicine treasure chest overflowing with high-end grooming products, I never actually thought to make use of them… well, mainly because I wasn’t sure how. Is there an order to follow? Should I not be mixing certain products together? Is there something I should be utilizing that’s best for my specific complexion? Would I be left with severe burns like a scarred comic book villain? The anxiety I felt just composing that train of thought has me sweating, so you can only imagine how it feels every time I read the individual labels of these products. But after hitting the ripe old age of 30, there was a shift that made me want to seek out some kind of change. However, I would need some help. Enter: Rodan + Fields.

A simple, easy analysis directed me towards the items that would best suit my skin’s needs. After sharing a selfie of my gorgeous mug and answering a few questions, I had my answer: the Redefine Regimen, described as “anti-aging skincare routine [that] visibly lifts, sculpts + firms while minimizing the appearance of lines + deep wrinkles.” Still, there was a bit of skepticism as to if this commitment would actually work — and if it did, how long until I was the fairest one of ‘em all again?

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Below, you’ll not only catch some insightful information provided by Dr. Tim Falla, Chief Scientific Officer at Rodan + Fields, but a personalized recap as we put Redefine to the test.

The Products

Let’s break down the ins and outs of Redefine's four main products, the Rodan + Fields regime you’re about to lather all over. The first is a Daily Clay Cleanser, meant to be used in the morning and at night for exfoliation and to purify the skin. That should be followed by the Pore Refining Toner, also meant to be used twice a day, which works your pores to minimize and unclog. The third product is a Triple Defense Lotion with SPF 30 (a moisturizer and sunscreen all in one!) to be applied as part before you get out the door and start your day. Last but not least, you’ve got an Overnight Restorative Cream: 1 fl oz. of anti-aging magic that’s meant to lift, firm, and sculpt your skin overnight while you catch some zZzs.

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Why You Should Consider This Skin Care Set

When Rodan + Fields founders Dr. Katie Rodan and Dr. Kathy Fields were in the development phase, they noticed that a majority of people’s issues fell under one of four skin conditions: acne, sun damage, signs of aging, and sensitivity.

The majority (about 80%, according to Falla) of how your skin looks and feels relies on you, with 20% being genetics. That means not just proper treatment, but proper product knowledge as to avoid combining things that’ll ultimately do more harm than good, is necessary for successful skincare. If you have four products made together and numbered—like Rodan + Fields, for instance—your toner, cleaner, and protection against the sun are laid out for you without the need to compose a routine from arbitrary, pharmacy items you found on a shelf.

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With Redefine, the skin is aging all the time. I’m deeply sorry that immortality isn’t a thing, but here’s a pro tip: Falla notes to keep the skin as young looking as you possibly can, you need to (1) concentrate on moisturizing and applying good retinoids (vitamin A and C) to rejuvenate and (2) keep your peptide levels high—molecules naturally used by the skin. You also need antioxidants to soak up nasty free radicals from the sun.

And don’t confuse your moisturizer for your hydrator—they’re two different things—so be sure to identify them as such. Moisturizing gives you a lipid barrier to stop evaporation and keeps in what you’ve got in your skin. Hydrating, on the other side of things, helps the skin to bring in water from the outside. Falla says that users (I can vouch for this now) will see their skin looks smoother almost immediately, usually because they haven’t used quality skincare products before. The skin puffs up just a little bit, ridding the face of very fine lines, while you get a bit of radiance around the eyes as well.

sean abrams skincare routine
Sean Abrams

Wait for about 40 days for all of those bigger benefits to come in (your skin takes that long to turn over, just be patient). You’re getting those new skill cells to the surface and getting comfortable with exposure to the product. Everyday use is encouraged, as laziness will not give you enough time to see a benefit. It’s all about the small changes upfront, and the big ones gradually over time.

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Final Verdict

I’m someone who thrives with a structure. I enjoy waking up with a purpose and kicking off my day on a good note. These products? They’re now a part of my morning start. And for those who might not want to spend the extra time applying these products, the reality is I've only added a few extra minutes to my skincare routine. Knowing Redefine's effects weren’t immediate was a test of patience, as I was eager to see how my skin would look as the days expired. But as it turns out, even after just 2 weeks, my skin looks pretty damn good.

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