Rockets vs. Thunder Game 5 best bets

Yahoo Sports' Zach Schwartz makes his bets for the Rockets vs Thunder game.

Video Transcript

ZACH SCHWARTZ: Now we're on to the Thunder versus the Rockets, and this is a series where I feel like I've been chasing my tail a little bit. Unfortunately, the last time this game came up, I suggested taking the Rockets money line. An absolute coward's pick by me, only magnified by the fact that they did lose that game.

So here we are with another pick, and I'm gonna go ahead and say to take the Oklahoma City Thunder at +3. The Rockets' 3-point shooting really did betray them in that last game. They had the streak of I believe it was eight 3s in a row. They became in love and infatuated with the 3-point shot, only to have it betray them as they went cold.

We've seen the Rockets have this happen before. Last year in the playoffs, a similar phenomenon occurred as the Rockets began cranking up 3s, were unable to hit them, and eventually got eliminated. And the year before that, the same thing happened against the Golden State Warriors. I believe the Rockets had just some paltry numbers from the 3-point line in their elimination to the Warriors. Unfortunately, it seems we're gonna be seeing history repeat itself again.

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