The Rock Donated More Than 700K Bottles Of Water To Frontline Workers

Kristine Cannon

The Rock and VOSS Water began donating in May and have since exceeded their goal

Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson, the gentle giant he is, continues to give back to frontline healthcare workers amid the coronavirus pandemic. He announced on his Instagram yesterday that he and his VOSS Water partners met and exceeded their goal of donating 700,000 bottles of water to healthcare workers across the nation.

“That is our small way of saying ‘thank you,’ and that is our small way of letting you know how grateful we are for all of your work as you guys continue to take care and care for our loved ones, our family, our friends,” the Rock said. “I thank you guys so much from the bottom of my heart.”

The Rock continued to tell healthcare workers that they not only inspire him, but that, in return, he and the rest of us Americans will “continue to be disciplined — wearing masks, being smart, social distancing.”

“As I said in my personal note to you guys with the delivery, you inspire me. You truly do,” he said.

“There are many hospitals in the United States now where we are creeping up into that 80 to 90 percent capacity. I’m saying to you guys, hang in there,” The Rock continued. “We, as non-healthcare workers, my fellow Americans and myself, we’re gonna do everything that we possibly can to be disciplined, to be diligent and responsible during this time — doing everything that we can do in support you. And that means wearing our masks, practicing social distancing, and again, doing everything that we can. Now is the time that we have to be as diligent as we possibly can, and as disciplined as we can.”

VOSS announced the COVID-19 donation effort back in May, starting with a donation of 480,000 bottles to the Mayor’s Fund to Advance New York City to be distributed to the medical first responders. Bottled water resources were also delivered to hospitals, healthcare facilities, and organizations providing relief efforts to those affected by the coronavirus throughout California and the New York Tri-State area. VOSS also expanded their efforts into the Chicago, Canada, Mexico, Brazil, France, and UK areas.

“Water is essential to life, but what’s become clear during this global pandemic is just how essential our frontline workers are to everyone’s survival,” said Glenn Hartman, Chief Executive Officer of the Americas at VOSS, in a prepared statement. “Since we began this initiative, we learned that bottled water is among the most requested resources from frontline workers. These courageous people are putting everything on the line for us, and we at VOSS are humbled by the positive response we have received from this program, and are honored to continue to contribute whatever we can to help as many people as possible during these trying times.”

The Rock then donated 5,000 bottles to the Salvation Army of Georgia Emergency Disaster Services last month, for those impacted by recent tornados in Georgia.

“During these uncertain times, there is already so much need and now hundreds of families are displaced due to recent tornadoes. As a Georgia resident myself, it’s an honor to be able to support the work you’re doing to help the many people affected by the devastation in our area,” he said.

The Salvation Army of Georgia Emergency Disaster Services
The Salvation Army of Georgia Emergency Disaster Services

“We are very grateful to Mr. Johnson for partnering with The Salvation Army of Georgia in Doing the Most Good,” said Lt. Colonel William Mockabee, Divisional Commander for The Salvation Army of Georgia, in a statement. “His kindness will go a long way to provide help and hope for people in their time of need.”

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