Rock climber stunned as mountain biker hurtles down beside him

 Mountain biker in the Dolomites, Italy.
Mountain biker in the Dolomites, Italy.

A Canadian rock climber had a shock while in when he saw a fearless mountain biker hurtling down the Banana Peel in Squamish. Partway up the popular route, Instagrammer saacaroni_n_cheese was amazed to see Ollie Lowthorpe making his descent.

You can see a video from the climber's GoPro camera below. which gives a good impression of just how steep the drop is.

As BikeMag explains, the Banana Peel is one of the most popular routes in Squamish, described by climbing guide The Crag as "A generally easy and un-sustained, but sometimes run-out climb across and up the Apron."

It's known for being a good introduction to multi-pitch climbing, with low-angle slabs, cracks, and grooves offering lots of variety. Nevertheless, it's crazy steep for biking, and we can understand the climber's reaction to Lowthorpe's descent.

If that doesn't make your palms sweaty enough, you can also watch Rémy Métailler follow the same line in a wingsuit.