From Rock Bottom to Sobriety: Poopies Shares His Journey on Steve-O's Latest Podcast

It's safe to say Sean "Poopies" McInerney has been through hell and back.

He rose to sidekick royalty on the North Shore years ago as Jamie O'Brien's right hand man and "bro ho" of the highest order. Just about anywhere J.O.B. was seen, Poopies was in the entourage.

Eventually, Poopies left O'Brien's Pipeline nest, scored spots in Jackass Forever and on Discovery's Shark Week, and launched his own YouTube channel. Poopies popped back up in the surf world last month during a session in Malibu with fellow sober guy and soft-top connoisseur, Ben Gravy.

Steve-O's latest podcast above dropped today and is captioned:

"Poopies' Descent Into Meth Addiction - Wild Ride

"Poopies is a huge star from the new Jackass Forever movie.

"In this episode, Poopies tells us about his rock bottom living a Uhaul, overdosing while filming the new Jackass movie, surfing in Hawaii, Shark Week 2, getting pranked by Steve-O on cameo and so much more!"

The caption hits the highlights and Poopies is a completely open book throughout the episode.

They cover some seriously heavy sh*t.

It's actually tough to tell which of his rock bottoms is the lowest, and rockiest, of all.

Press play above for around an hour of some scary/sad/entertaining talk.

Poopies has been sober for around  10 months now, so it's got a happy ending.

Viewers took it to heart and opened up about their own struggles while showing support for Poopies.

Check out a few of the comments below:

"Fresh out of rehab and 60 days sober! Thanks for the inspiration Steveo!!"

"Congrats poopies. Im 28 and 28 months sober now. keep it up!"

"I've overdosed 4 times and flatlined every time.. addiction literally took everything from me. Thank God I'm 4 years sober now. Heroin/fentanyl is the worst."

"So happy to see Poopies figuring it out. Hell yeah man, nice work"

"Clean Poopy!!!! So exciting man this audience is so proud of you along with so many others. Addiction is a beast; Kick it's ass man!!"


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