Robin S. Says She's 'Honored and Excited' Over Beyoncé Sampling 1993 Hit 'Show Me Love' in Latest Single

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Robin S in her 1993 music video for “Show Me Love,” left; Beyoncé.
Robin S in her 1993 music video for “Show Me Love,” left; Beyoncé.

Though Beyoncé’s latest hit single “Break My Soul” may have only just hit the airwaves two days ago, it’s already climbing the charts and making a lasting impact on those who hear it. In particular, it’s bringing some joy and long overdue flowers for popular 90s artist Robin S., whose 1993 hit song “Show Me Love” was sampled.

During an interview with Good Morning Britain on Wednesday, Robin expressed her gratitude and excitement over what Queen Bey had done, explaining that she only found out about what the popular artists had done through her son.

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“My son called me and he’s like, ‘Mom, mom. You’re trending all over the place,’” she said. “You know, Beyoncé put her song out and it’s ‘Show Me Love’, and you’re trending everywhere.’”

“It doesn’t have to be confirmed. A singer knows her songs,” she added.

She then went on to express her hope that two could collab one day, saying that it would be a dream. She concluded by thanking the Lemonade singer, husband Jay-Z, and the entire creative team behind making it possible.

“This is Robin S, and this message goes out to the Queen Bey herself, Beyoncé, to Jay-Z, to the entire team,” she said during the interview. “Thank you so much for giving me my flowers while I’m still alive. I am honored, and I’m excited to see what else can happen.”

As previously reported by The Root, “Break My Soul” is the debut single from Beyoncé’s forthcoming seventh studio album, Renaissance. As of this articles writing, it currently sits at number one on the iTunes charts. The full-length project is expected to hit all streaming platforms on July 29.