Robin Roberts and Amber Laign's Wedding Planner Just Gave a Sneak Peek of Their Ethereal, Romantic Décor

JoAnn Gregoli showed the engaged twosome their wedding flowers and their reception space—and they took viewers along for the ride.

Robin Roberts and Amber Laign are less than two weeks away from tying the knot, and the brides-to-be are giving viewers an inside look at their big day. The Good Morning America news anchor and her partner of 18 years are sharing a sneak peek of their floral installations and reception space. On August 28, 2023, the ABC morning show followed the couple along as their wedding planner, JoAnn Gregoli of Elegant Occasions by JoAnn Gregoli, walks them through the final product. The clip begins with Roberts and Laign walking through the doors of Jen Gould Event Design and greeting Gregoli and another wedding planner, Jen Gould. “Good morning, how are you?” Gregoli asks the couple. “Welcome! This is a preview to your wedding day.”

Gregoli walks Roberts and Laign over to a wall decorated with a hedge of long-stemmed green flowers and roses in pink and cream tones. Hanging above the floral installation is a monogrammed “AR” in gold cursive, signifying the first initials of Roberts and Laign’s first names. “What you’re seeing over here—this is going to be when they enter through the doorway of the venue,” Gregoli says, pointing to the arrangement of blooms. “And that’s obviously your monogram over there with this beautiful cascade of flowers,” she continues, motioning to the joint initials. Gregoli then shares with Roberts and Laign that the grand reveal isn’t over yet. “Oh my goodness, this is a great start,” Roberts gushes.

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Gregoli then leads the duo to the next room. As Roberts and Laign set foot in the room, the camera captures their reactions. Both of them appear to be taking in their surroundings while smiling and giggling. “Come on in to your big reveal, ladies,” Gregoli says as she takes the lead. The camera proceeds to show the viewers what to expect at the reception: Clusters of pink and peach roses and gold candles on white linens and gold-rimmed glasses. “This is just a little snippet of what the overall room is going to look like,” Gregoli explains.

The planner shares the trajectory of planning Roberts and Laign’s wedding and how quickly it all came together after the couple specified their aesthetic. “Well, when they came to me back in January, we were just talking about where it was going to take place and what their vision was,” the planner describes. “And they kept using key words—‘ethereal,’ ‘romantic,’ ‘midsummer’s night dream.’ And that is the catapult that takes you from the actual concept to then the creation.”

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Event designer Jen Gould also adds that their reception space is a reflection of the couple’s vision and their relationship. “That’s the most amazing thing you can possibly do—to capture the two of them, the love that they have for each other,” Gould notes. “And when all of the guests walk in and feel like they’re enveloped in this magical world.” While she’s speaking, more images of the reception space pop up, including table numbers etched in gold, other table numbers made of wood, gold-rimmed chargers, and a sprig of greenery on folded napkins.

Viewers also get access to another important portion of the evening—the bar, which appears to be a sturdy brown fixture. “Ladies, actually, this bar is what was created for the wedding, designed for you all,” Gregoli reveals. Upon seeing the beautiful piece of furniture, Laign gets emotional. “Are you crying?” someone in the room asks. Another comments, “That’s so sweet.” Roberts gives Laign a hug and says, “It’s OK.” Laign responds, “I know, it’s just so beautiful.” While embracing one another, Roberts points out, “It’s what you wanted.” Laign nods, “Yes.”

In another section of the reception room, there are round tables with a tree growing out of the center, and the table is covered in an array of vibrant blooms and candles. The planner reveals that this setup will flank the dance floor on the left and right. Roberts sits down at the table to test the waters and comments on the hard work that goes into planning a wedding. “When people think of wedding planning and putting together this, it takes a village, doesn’t it?” Roberts observes. Gregoli responds by sharing how appreciative she is to be the one spearheading the event. “I just feel as if we’ve assembled the most amazing group of people to deliver your dream day for a time that you’ve waited so long, and we’re so honored to be a part of it,” she expresses.

To conclude the newscast, the couple shares their reactions to the finished product. “When you express what you want or what you feel and what you have in your mind—to walk in and actually see it executed beyond what you even imagined, it just takes your breath away,” Laign remarks. Roberts is equally impressed with the setup. “Wow,” she states. “Wow is the word.” She also shares her hopes and dreams for their special day. “We want it not just to be a joyous occasion for us, but for [our family and friends] as well,” she explains. “It makes your dream come true.”

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