Robert Woods

Fearless Forecast Week 6: 5 Rec, 74 Rec Yds Projected Points: 9.9

Video Transcript


MATT HARMON: With the Rams being one of the most run-heavy teams in the NFL, we've only seen one hundred-yard game for Robert Woods. And, yeah, he's found the end zone a couple of times, once as a rusher. You saw him make a big play down the field last week against Washington. But again, you just go to kind of keep in mind here if the Rams are gonna be able to establish the run, they're just not gonna need much from Robert Woods, from Cooper Kupp, or Tyler Higbee.

I think at this point we know that these guys are more floor plays than they are ceiling bets here in 2020, and I think that's exactly what you're looking at with Robert Woods here in week six against a 49ers defense that has a lot of injuries. No doubt about it, they can be beat. We saw that with Ryan Fitzpatrick last week.

But it's just the way the Rams want to play right now. They want to establish the run. They've got a lot of young backs, a confusing stable, a committee there. As long as those players are playing well, you're not gonna see much passing volume out of them. I'm fearlessly forecasting five catches for 74 yards.