Robert De Niro pays tribute to the late Ruth Bader Ginsburg and urges Americans to vote

Actor Robert De Niro is mourning the loss of Supreme Court Justice Ruth Bader Ginsberg (RBG). In an interview with Yahoo Entertainment he says, “She was a great American, period.” He goes on to add: “People like her are few and far between.” De Niro slams President Trump, calling him a “criminal.” He calls for change and for more people to amplify their voices like the great RBG did. “We have a fight on our hands and we have to win it,” he explains. De Niro also urges Americans to vote. “We have to get this person, this administration, out of the way,” he says. “It’s unimaginable what would happen. We would survive but it would be irreparable damage.”

Video Transcript

KEVIN POLOWY: To be honest, it is difficult today to think about anything else besides the passing of a true American hero, Supreme Court Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg. I do just want to ask what you think she meant to this country.

ROBERT DE NIRO: Well, she was a great American, period. It only adds to the problem in the situation now that she has passed, unfortunately. But she-- people like her are few and far between.

And compared to what we have in the White House now, what we have to deal with-- a criminal who will stop at nothing, do anything to win. We have a fight on our hands. And we have to win it.

Everybody has to join. You have to speak out and win this fight, period. We can't let this go further, get another four years? We're into-- into fascism American style, period.

It's-- and a lot of people don't know what fascism is, and they don't care. But when it comes down to your rights-- when you are being told what to do, when you have a business and all of a sudden you've been excluded for some reason. And why? Because you represent something. Then you know how it affects you personally with your little business, whatever it is. If you offend a person like Trump-- because that's how small-minded he is.

And the people-- it's not even him. It's the people around him who enable him and make this situation what it potentially could be, quite dangerous for all of us. That's simple.

There are people out there who-- it's like they say. It's a cult. And it is. And they don't care what this person does. But they will care when they are directly affected by his behavior and the behavior of his enablers, because it's not him but what he lets them do, and they act out for him. That's the problem.

m everyone has to kind of mobilize and be vigilant about voting and getting people to vote. That is what it is. We thought Mueller would be the answer. He wasn't. We thought other things would be the answer. They're not.

But we have to get the person, this administration out of the way. It just has to be. It has to be. It's unimaginable what will happen. I mean, we would survive. But it would be irreparable damage. In some ways now, there's irreparable damage, because the world looks at us like we're crazy allowing this crazy person and an administration and enablers.

Even Barry Goldwater was the one that went up to Nixon and said, you must leave. He was the ultra-conservative. We don't have that now with these-- with these Republicans.

We have to vote him out of office. And even then, it's going to be a problem. This guy is something we don't understand, and a lot of people don't understand his mindset, his logic. It's scary.