Robert Irwin's Pug's Pirate Costume Wins the Internet

Stella was a pirate in another life.

In our opinion, the day after Halloween is even more exciting than the holiday itself. Sure, trick-or-treating is fun and haunted houses are exciting, but the day after Halloween is when all the dog parents post pictures of the adorable costumes they dressed their pups in, just like this well-known dog dad!

Robert Irwin, the son of deceased crocodile hunter and environmental conservationist, Steve Irwin, recently shared a photo of his Pug, Stella, on the Instagram account he runs for her. In the photo, Stella is dressed to impress in a pirate Halloween costume! Check out the photo to see how precious Stella looks in her outfit.

Awww, this is adorable! Stella makes a very convincing pirate, we're expecting her to bark at us to walk the plank. We bet she's the captain of her ship!

People in the comments agreed that Stella made a very cute pirate. @irwinfamilyfan said, "The cutest little pirate!" and @alonia143 commented, "Ahoy! Stella, you are adorable in that outfit! Happy Halloween." We don't think Stella could look bad even if she tried!

Others found Stella's costume provided some lighthearted humor. @thellamafarm commented, "That's hilarious, Robert. Stella looks far from impressed, LOL." Another user, @kodabearthedane, joked, "Such a nice hook you have!" This great costume certainly gave us a laugh as well!

We are so glad Robert shared this photo of Stella on her Instagram, it made our day! Hopefully, he dresses her up in more costumes for the other holidays coming up in the next few months so we don't have to wait a whole year to see her dressed up again!

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