Robb Recommends: This Sleek Fabric Shaver Keeps Your Favorite Sweaters Pill-Free

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Pilling—like aging—is a fact of life. While garments made from long-staple fibers will retain their brand-new look longer, tiny balls of twisted fabric are inevitable.

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I’ve more or less accepted that fact and done little to countermand it aside from the occasional (and only semi-effectual) brush of a sweater stone. But when I’d noticed that a favored shawl collar cardigan from Drake’s had pilled past the point of charming affectation and was running straight to ratty, I had to call in the big guns.

The big guns being Pilo 2, an electric fabric shaver from the Swedish clothing care brand Steamery. Its pleasingly ergonomic design features a rounded bottom that can be comfortably cupped by the hand, and six razor blades safely concealed behind a metal grill at the business end.

Once I’d fired it up, I simply passed its whirring blades over the sweater’s pilled sleeves and hem and watched in satisfaction as the unwanted nubs were hacked away like weeds. After making a few passes to ensure no pill was left behind, I simply popped off the metal grill and dumped out its woolen harvest. Removing the shorn fabric from its blades was a bit trickier but helped along with a tiny brush that comes with the device.

Within the span of a few minutes (including cleaning), my much-loved cardigan had reverted to near-mint condition. The exercise proved so satisfying that I was soon rummaging through my sweater drawer, looking for any other pills that could be erased within the tool’s very generous two-hour operating time.

As ever, turning a chore into a pastime is the surest sign of a gadget’s success.

Pilo 2 Fabric Shaver Charcoal

Buy Now on Steamery: $65

Pilo 2 Fabric Shaver Sand

Buy Now on Steamery: $65

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