Rob Lowe shares his quarantine obsessions

In this episode of New in the Q, Rob Lowe shares everything he’s been obsessed with during quarantine to stay healthy, fit, and and hydrated!

Video Transcript

ROB LOWE: Hey, everyone. I'm Rob Lowe. And I'm going to tell you everything that I've been obsessed with during the quarantine.


I call it my baby. People know it as my baby. And here is the baby. This baby contains water, which you should be drinking a lot of. It has these little affirmations on it, like, I'm going to show you, good morning, remember your goal, no excuses, with the numbers of what time it is. So that's number one.

The other thing that has really gotten me through this is my stand-up paddleboard. I like to be outdoors. It's very hard with social distancing to find out what's safe to do. I'm able to get out, be alone, be healthy. I'm just grateful that I live in a climate here in California where I can still do that in the middle of the winter.

You know, in the pandemic, I think we're all trying to rethink what it means to be healthy. I've been working with Atkins now for four years. Because I am a partner with them, they send me the prototypes. See? Doesn't even have the Atkins wrapper yet. This is a dessert strawberry cheesecake, instead of doing what I usually do, which is eat actual desserts, which, no bueno.

I started a skincare company five years ago. Profile is its name. Because look, I grew up in this business. Over the years, I've learned those tricks and what to use and when to use it and how to use it. And I tried putting out a line that's just simple and easy. Guys have a lot to learn from women I'm comfortable enough in my masculinity to use face masks and eye gels. And we could all use a little following of the smarter half of us.